Roads and lack of attention to difficult situation in East Kurdistan

Kurdistan Human Rights Association : According to the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran in East Kurdistan, Kurdistan province in terms of quality and security roads finished in last place in the political geography of Iran.

Despite the unevenness, the maze was high and band two-way road most of all because of mismanagement and outsiders look at the official Islamic Republic of Iran in the region this has endangered the lives of citizens in this area as we are daily witnessing accidents on this road. According to statistics from the first year so far (a bit earlier than a month) loss of life of individuals (7 people ) reported, as well as last week, about 2 km from the village Negel (Marivan) 8 people burnt when one of them in the tail of his life lost .

Road of Sanandaj to Sarvabad and Marivan main highway between the city and a transit road that heavy vehicles in the traffic and should be of quality and safety considerably. But the demolition and create holes skew multiple (Road  Sanandaj _Srvabad) due to traffic heavy cargo vehicles and lack of quality asphalt and suitable infrastructure, traffic fatalities and the lack of security for the citizens of Kurdistan East has brought.

In this regard, the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Marivan and Sarv-Abad in the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran (Mr. Moradi) in relation to the matter said, according to the road infrastructure in the region and is a measure of development in tourism, health, health care and development agricultural exports, but due to lack of infrastructure and faced with the problem until the problem is resolved roads are in deprivation and in none of the measures in the livestock and animal husbandry development and also we can not make progress.

Region of Marivan in Kurdistan every year, tourists and travelers from all over Iran, with a population of over (250,000 persons) and the scenery and sights of pristine natural can be a source of investment, improvement of roads, elimination of unemployment, the problem of proletarian in this area, hawkers, etc. have been experienced by the people of this part of Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association