Suicide 60 years old man in East Kurdistan

Kurdistan Human Rights Association : Wednesday 3 May 2017,  Karim Jamshidi, 60 years old, in the village of “Sarhouyeh,” the sub-district (Kalatarzan) of Sanandaj in East Kurdistan, for reasons yet to be determined, hanging and his life has ended.

People commit suicide daily in Kurdistan East is increasing, mainly because of these measures, the problem of unemployment and lack of necessities of life refers They have not been able to supply households and hobson and psychological stress due to injury, attempted suicide.

It should be noted that the issue of unemployment, the scourge of big afflicting people in East Kurdistan and yet officials and officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran has no solution and act constructively to solve this problem is not, and while official figures announced by the government, unemployment 60% (percent) people East Kurdistan story.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association