Report April Kurdistan Human Rights Association in relation to human rights violations in East Kurdistan Islamic Republic of Iran

Kurdistan Human Rights Association of each month, monthly reports of human rights violations in East Kurdistan Islamic Republic of Iran collects and publishes.

April also saw the widespread human rights violations in East’ve Kurdistan, where the Islamic Republic of Iran in various forms of collective and individual rights violated society.

Landmine, injuring and killing civilians, killing innocent civilians detained political and civil activists this month also was one of the main human rights violations in Kurdistan. Business centers such as workshops and factories closed, unemployment and social problems of the other the Kurdish community has been faced with a crisis. Violation of women’s rights, women’s self-immolation suicide of items that still gripping the East Kurdistan and the victim left this month.

Apart from the above, national discrimination was evident and numerous cases of national discrimination against the Kurdish people by the formal institutions of governance are observed.

Neglect and lack of amenities vividly the community involved and a lot of complaints from the community has been Kurdistan.

Innocent Civilians

31 March 2017,  in the region “Bitoush”, the functions of Sardasht in East Kurdistan, the Kurdish innocent civilian 65 years old called “Abdul”, Iranian troops was killed by direct fire.

Wednesday 12 April 2017, was the commercial name of ” Azad Mahmoudi” from the village “Chichuran” of city functions Baneh (Kurdistan East) Iran’s military forces was killed by direct fire.

In the past year, 96 Kurdish innocent civlians died and 64 innocent civilians others were wounded.

17 April, young 20 years old called Nazir Adak who works was busy arduous proletarian the ( Tata pass ) in the Marivan region, and because of the volatile security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the valley Perth and lost his life.

Rahman Ibrahimi child of Qassim from the city Rabat (Sardasht) in East Kurdistan, after a month in hospital suffering Tabriz lost his life. Rahman Ibrahimi 19 years old student at the University of Khorramabad (province Lorestan), respectively.


In 2016, at least 530 people were executed, of which 44 people fighting against God and corruption on earth and, 30 of them on charges of political and security, 27 of the 30 executions, politically motivated charges have been executed, Kurdish are .

Shoresh Moradi “son of Ahmad, from 2008, in prison,” Sanandaj “was held in East Kurdistan, according to” judge “and murder, after 7 years of uncertainty, was sentenced to death.

The sentence “Maziar Gravand” prisoner “Lor” Khorramabad in prison, to be implemented over the coming days. “Maziar Gravnd” from city Kuhdasht in Lorestan province on charges of possession and transportation of drugs “heroin” has been sentenced to death.

Amnesty International issued its annual report released in conjunction with the execution in the world, the report shows that 55 percent of the share ‘s execution of the world, without counting the exact number to be allocated.

Kamyaran a citizen by the name of Taher Baba Taher Rasouli for the second consecutive time that every moment of its implementation is sentenced them to death.

Wednesday 30 April Mahmoud Torabi, prisoner in Borujerd prison, to carry out execttion to solitary confirment Borujerd prison transferred ,Mahmoud Torabi murder of 8 years spent in prison.

Mahmoud Torabi had been detained on charges of murder, 19 April was transferred to solitary confinement and Thursday 20 April 2017, was executed in prison Boroujerd.

The death sentence seven security prisoner was passed but not guilty of waging war against the report said Alizadeh Tabatabai told the lawyer that The seven defendants were sentenced to death for the assassination of Melaina charged with war if they were not guilty of waging war.

A prisoner for drug-related charges was hanged Parsilon prison in Khorramabad.

Prison and detention

Wednesday 29 March 2017, “Ali Badrkhani” Kurdish writer and student suspended from school for 3 years prison sentence, was arrested and transferred to the central prison of Urmia.

Job Assadi in East Kurdistan Kurdish political prisoners who have been deported to prison Kashmar, for six years that the medical leave is expected to take over. He illnesses, “asthma” problem “kidney” is suffering loss of vision in the left eye.

At 9 am Saturday 25 March 2017,  “Khaled Hosseini,” labor activists in Sanandaj in Kurdistan East to public office is that a security agency, was summoned and interrogated.

Anwar khezri “imprisoned Kurdish Sunnis in Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj, that 7-year period of her detention at this prison has elapsed, after the abolition of the death penalty on charges (propaganda against the state and God and corruption on earth and connect with groups of Salafi) was issued for him, still live in uncertainty.

Tuesday 4 April 2017, Islamic Republic security forces in the city of Marivan due to complaints city council, a number of environmental activists arrested over the landfill to prevent the destruction of nature and non-region had to protest.

Wednesday 12 April 2017,  Kurdish political prisoners in Rajai Shahr prison, in a statement in support of the striking prisoners went on hunger strike in northern Kurdistan.

Iran Ministry of Intelligence, the lack of access to capital Kermanshah Farzaneh Jalali political activist in Kurdistan East issue and they do not allow the the lawyer to inform him achieve his case.

Spinal cord injury prisoners detained in the central prison of Urmia from East Kurdistan called “Kochek Rana Tarighat” to financial charges on 12 January 2014, convicted and sent to prison by the magistrate branch 5 were repeatedly harassed and humiliated is located.

Kurdish political prisoners from East Kurdistn Saeed Shirzad from Kermanshah after a long session of the appeal court on 15 April 2017, in Branch 54 of the Tehran Province Court of Appeals based in Tehran Revolutionary Court, was held.

Kurdish political prisoners “Bashir Pir Mavanh from the village of Urmia subsidiary of East Kurdistan, a few days ago in a branch of the Revolutionary Court, headed Urmia” Judge Shykhlou “Kurdish citizens attended the hearing and was sentenced to five years in prison.

Jahandar Mohammadi Kurdish political prisoners in May 2006 , by agents of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence in Tehran, was arrested, 23 February 2017, the “aggregation of crime and the application of Article 134”, after spending eleven years in prison of Sanandaj Central Prison was released.

19 April 2017, Keyvan Karimi Kurdish filmmaker prominent that was held in paragraph eight Evin prison sentences with parole, was released from prison.

Two labor activists named Saleh Amani and  Saeed Uzi and after 38 days of detention Sunday 23 April 2017, were released on bail hundred million toman.

Ali Nejati member of the Board of Directors Syndicate of Workers of of the sugarcane  HaftTappeh and 6 other activists that 2 of them are active in the field of women’s rights, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Revolutionary Court in Dezful (Khuzestan province) were summoned.

Justice urmia city of East Kurdistan, request for retrial provided by lawyers rejected Miandoab six political prisoner in prison.

Authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in “Islamabad West” functions Kermanshah in East Kurdistan Province, plans to build a new prison in the city.

Shays Amani labor activist and board member of the Free Union of Iranian Workers, the 24 April 2017 and after being summoned former Ministry of Intelligence in Sanandaj visit and the celebration of International Workers Day (May 1), the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran were interrogated.

24 April 2017, Mullah Reza Abdi, executive director of the divinity school Salahaldin Ayoubi and Imam Quds Sunni mosque in East Kurdistan Urmia was released on bail.

Fares Gavilian labor activist imprisoned during rallies and gatherings that have a history of International Workers Day (1 May) also has approached this day, again by security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was summoned.

Enforcement campaign one of the presidential candidates in Iran’s Ilam Province East Kurdistan Saturday 29 April 2017, on charges of blasphemy, insulting Islam and insulting Imam Reza in the city of Mehran in East Kurdistan Islamic Republic of Iran, was arrested by security forces.

Omar Farhang , the Kurdish political prisoner is sentenced to 10 years in exile now living in Ardebil’s prison. He is the son of Abdullah, 45 years old , is married and has two children and lives in the city of Urmia in East Kurdistan. He has been denied medical treatment.

Nooshin Mir Abdlibaqi imprisoned 64 years on charges including support for parties Kurdish, insulting the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, blasphemy state, women’s rights, propaganda against the state and sentenced to 34 years and nine months imprisonment is now in Evin prison is located in a poor state of health.


30 March 2017 , in Nasibin northern Kurdistan, mine explosion planted by the Turkish military, sisters and brothers “Havin Gunes” 3 years old “Fateh Gunes the” 5 years old wounded and eventually lost their lives.

Tuesday 4 April 2017, at 8 pm, “Mohammed Shukri,” 46 years old, from the village of “Shoushmi ” of city functions Nosoud “East Kurdistan”, the landmines left over from the Iran-Iraq war, leg injuries was.

Sunday 2 April , one of the mines left over from the Iran-Iraq war near the village “Kavpich” exploded, resulting in the loss of one of the legs of a 29 years old citizen was Kurdish.

7April in Marivan, landmine left over from the Iran-Iraq war, Iran’s police station, a military lead to foot amputation and other two soldiers were injured.

3 in East Kurdistan mine explosion in 24 hours in the city of Shoush, Ahwaz province by a land mine left over from the Iran-Iraq war of 8 years, one dead and three injured.

18 April 2017, Hassan Mum Rasouli 35 years old resident of the village “Qasmh Rash” functions Sardasht East Kurdistan, while in his field work agriculture, while digging an accident and the explosion of mortar shell left by the wars in Iran Iraq, wounding several people.

18 April 2017, Hassan Hamidi, 13 years old  Arab child in the village Jalizi down (Dasht-e Abbas) functions Dehloran in East Kurdistan due to landmines or mortar shell! Stomach and hands were seriously injured and hospitalized Dehloran is now in the hospital.

Wednesday 26 April, a citizen of the city of Qasr-e Shirin while working with a bulldozer with a mine as a result of which the driver was suffering from shock wave and was taken to a hospital.

24 April 2017, Moloud Azizi son of Mohammad resident of the village “Bimzorteh” Oshnavieh in East Kurdistan city functions because mine was wounded in the leg.

A citizen called Ahmad Gholami 48 years old Sharif Abad Parish Saqez of East Kurdistan, which was referred for picking plants Joshen abandoned mountain base mine explosion wounded and lost a leg.

Suicide and murder

31 March 2017, 25 years old girl (sh- gh) neighborhood residents Murdoch city of Marivan in Kurdistan East hanging and took her own life.

Drinking water to several villages of city functions “Tekab” in East Kurdistan, contaminated with chemicals, including “Arsenic” is toxic and a variety of diseases in humans and animals, and while the amount of pollution in drinking water above 50%, estimated is.

Sunday 9 April, the body of 20 years old girl was found Zeribar Marivan.

Thursday, 13 April 2017, two brothers name of Mehdi and Ehsan Naderi the followers of Yarsan Kermanshah living in East Kurdistan due to pressure and harassment by the security forces of the Islamic Republic, as well as poverty, committed suicide.

Work, unemployment, workers and emploee

Mahabad Petrochemical Company officials said that in the wake of layoffs, 50 of its employees in line with productivity are refined and fired.

Reza Taghi Zadeh “statistics on unemployment in the last 5 years is as follows declared that at present there are 115 thousand unemployed people without work birth certificate and 37 thousand people with high qualifications are a degree in.

The problem of unemployment in East Kurdistan, especially in the very broad Kermanshah and significantly among the young is pandemic.

Wednesday, Persian date Farvardin 23 1396 Solar, the Kurdish Workers from the city “Saqes” in East Kurdistan of 5 storey building under construction fell down and lost his life. The identity of the worker “B A” has been introduced.

4 workers from cement factory Masjed Soleiman (Karon) due to protests of February and March last year was held in the unit Were summoned to the court of Masjed Soleiman.

Wednesday 19 April 2017, staff at the University of Sanandaj in Kurdistan East, the Faculty of Engineering and protest were demanding their rights.

Mahan birds slaughterhouse Bijar with a capacity of 2000 pieces per hour with 120 direct and 150 indirect jobs and is closing cover 61 poultry farms in the city of Bijar is closing.

The unemployment rate in the cities of East Kurdistan, while the upward trend have swept across the according to official statistics announced by more than 50% of industrial production units in East Kurdistan city were closed.

Kurdish workers are under the double oppression of the Islamic Republic of Iran Root cause of these problems and their apparent human rights violations based on political vision and the security of the Islamic Republic of Iran is space available in communities and cities in East Kurdistan. Kurdish workers’ rights, three thousand and forty times more often been ignored.

The massacre of civilians

Thursday 13 April, Saqez security forces near the village of “Mum Seifedin” of Sarshiv functions, the kurdish commercial car that had two people aboard the shot that killed the occupants.


Tuesday 4 April, environmental activists city of Bukan in East Kurdistan, issued a statement condemning the municipal this city performance and environmental abuses.

Garbage city of Marivan in East Kurdistan After 5 days, the collection have not been determined by the landfill in “Marivan”, one of the most original and most fundamental problem of this city and this dilemma environment not only the appearance of the city in disarray, but is also responsible for a variety of diseases.

Accumulation of water behind the dam “Daryan” is located near the city Paveh”East Kurdistan”, the water control units, installations and systems penetrate this barrier, according to reports received, there is likely to break the barrier.

Login dusty deserts of southwestern Iraq, drought, dam numerical unprofessional Iran and neighboring countries and a total restructuring of the environmental and climate by humans caused by the blowing winds of the desert, a lot of dust Enter in East Kurdistan , including the Ilam.

Over two years, a company sealants Iranian Revolutionary Guards Islamic Republic of Iran in East Kurdistan, to build a dam in the mineral Siu has in Piranshahr. The report states that the purpose of the construction of the dam the river water sources, “Zei Govra” is out of Kurdistan.

Public discontent and discrimination against people of Kurdish Islamic Republic of Iran

Tuesday 28 March 2017,  “Zahra Ahmed Pur” vice-president and head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism and his delegation visited the historical complex Bisotun, Kermanshah’s public protests, the capital of East Kurdistan was met.

Power outages in the upcoming Hasht Metri pole lights, East First Street “Mavrany”, in Mahabad, has brought protests. Citizens protest the upcoming Hasht meteri cutting off electricity poles in their place of residence and the Department of Electrical and municipalities still have not been responsive.

Wednesday 5 April 2017, a group of village Barqala functions sarkal rural district of Marivan, in protest against the non-standard items 3 to the village, people were calling for improved traffic.

The municipality of Marivan, on the pretext of preventing commuting, the Marivan city has decided to collect itinerant peddlers. The decision has caused discontent fruit is especially Marivani drivers.

Wednesday 12 April , merchants, shopkeepers and all passages Ferdowsi Street to inefficiencies in the management of municipal roads and lack of ability to solve traffic problems in the streets of the town that they sent a small revenue decline, protested.

Friday 14 April 2017, the drift of the hill overlooking the river Saqez East Kurdistan 4 residents buried under the debris of dirt and unfortunately lost their lives.

Wednesday 12 April, in the city Dehloran three defendants were brought from East Kurdistan. The defendants before trial and conviction in court by police in the city were returned. It has faced popular protests and human rights organization.

16 April 2017, commuter bus drivers from East Kurdistan Kermanshah objected to some of their demands and to show the protest strike and the passenger refused.

Iranian Interior Ministry, the  kurdish father and daughter When a candidate to the Interior Ministry, the National Kurdistan because of dress or prevented.

16 April 2017, municipal forces Marivan in Kurdistan East who seek a place to store their waste in the city Marivan_Saqez the road between residents of the area have been met with strong objections.

Monday 17 April 2017, taxi drivers in Piranshahr in East Kurdistan city gathered in front of the governor officials and the lack of attention to the problems, protested.

Ayatollah Jannati, secretary of the Guardian Council disqualified candidates request that religion other than Islam like a minority in the Islamic Republic are known.

17 April 2017, Kurdish political prisoner’s family from East Kurdistan called Ayoub Asadi held in prison in the city of Kashmar to conduct meetings and meeting with the Prosecutor, the Marivan referred to Kashmar. His family, to meet with prosecutors in Kashmar to see them, but because of the Kurdish national dress, was not allowed to visit them.

Thursday 20 April 2017, security forces and special police Marivan and Sanandaj to citizens of the village “Asrava” functions the city of Marivan in Kurdistan East attacked and injured a number of people and the citizens of the village.

Islamic Republic of Iran in the cities of Urmia, Khoy and Salmas two nations (Kurd and Turk) is many years living side by side in peace and tranquility during the elections for local councils and the presidency! Candidates Kurdish, Sunni citizens and religious minorities have been disqualified.

Sunday 30 April 2017, a group of citizens of the town of Hassan Abad Sanandaj (Kurdistan Province), due to poor road conditions, Hassan Abad held a protest rally and blocked the road and demanded an investigation into the matter have been municipal officials.

Lack of amenities and public services and social problems

On 30 March, people city of Bukan main street of the city due to the complicated situation and lack of resources and development projects and Also unfinished projects and the overall performance of the mayor and council of the city of Bukan held a protest gathering.

School village of “Vasoukal” of city functions Rabat (Sardasht) in East Kurdistan, which has 2 classes in a “Block” due to oil leak heater caught fire and was completely destroyed.

Following the rainfall in the city of Saqez in East Kurdistan, bitter and problems due to the lack of management and lack of resources for urban disaster has occurred.

Most schools in the city of Mahabad in East Kurdistan causes burnout, they are old premises are destroyed. Many schools in the city of lack of optimal space and high standard.

After the flood events in the cities of East Kurdistan, the people of these cities have not received any help from the government and Even in the Kurdistan province to nearby provinces that had been deployed in flood areas as well.

Non standard roads and the lack of paved roads in the most remote villages of East Kurdistan is the daily problems of citizens and villagers and each year the statistics of road accidents and loss of lives increases.

As a result of recent flooding East Kurdistan, the 9 villages in the suburbs of Oshnavieh flooded and uninhabitable 44 residential units, there is the possibility of damages. In this regard, the agricultural sector amounted to 37 billion dollar damage has been done.

1031 children Lorestani of education have failed.

Age less than 18 years old who turned to addiction, and the alarming increase in seizures of its new industry among this stratum of society.

Ahmed Rahmani, head of education in East Kurdistan Bokan announced that due to wear and old school 8 and 12 classrooms in the villages affiliated to this city, seek to replace these schools are residential.


According to the latest statistics of women in the Islamic Republic of Iran in the political geography of urban and rural areas is only 7% figure is much lower than in East Kurdistan.

“Donya Dadgostar” Marivani woman in East Kurdistan on Saturday 29 April 2017, in her paternal house hanging and then deliver her to the hospital, the doctor has confirmed the death of 22 years old woman.

North Kurdistan

The governor of the city “Amed”, the movement of citizens in 14 villages of the functions of the city announced the day after the operation the moment the curfew went Estates (Karasz, heh Zero, Lijeh) was added.

04/12/2017, the court sentenced to one year prison sentence in Istanbul for chairman of the Democratic Party issued.

Central Office of Peace and Democracy Party (B D P) to support the prisoners in the prisons of Turkey’s 54 days of hunger strike, calling support released.

Turkish police forces on 13.04.2017 in the village “Karvas” of city functions Diyarbakir, a school was destroyed.

Turkish police forces attacked the town of functions to homes of citizens in the city of Van, North Kurdistan, arrested at least 10 people.

People’s Democratic Party and opposition against the Turkish government, the Turkish government have questioned the health of the referendum and said the referendum would not recognize.

Peoples Democratic Party attended the Ankara Court of the Electoral Commission sued Turkey. A group of representatives of the People’s Democratic Party Wednesday 19 April, the Commission urged Ankara to attend the trial, the revocation referendum.

Maltam Oktay Dicle News Agency reporter that information, a ban on travel in Mardin report was transmitted, was arrested by the Turkish police.

Turkish security forces, another member of the parliamentary group of the People’s Democratic Party were arrested in city of Moosh. Burjo Jelic cask Wednesday 19 April, was taken to court after being detained and then arrested.

South Kurdistan

Wednesday, 12.04.2017 AD, in “Arbil” the capital of southern Kurdistan and the governor of this city, “Farhad Pirbal” writer and professor at Salaheddin, by two gunmen and was beaten in public.

Friday April 14, 29 years since the beginning of Operation Anfal chain of the Baath regime in Iraq south of Kurdistan last

Officials from the discovery of mass graves belonged to Yazidis in Sinjar region reported. Mahma  Khalil of government officials in Sinjar, Iraq (Southern Kurdistan) announced that the bodies found in the graves in 1646 and so far 31 have been able to identify the graves.

West Kurdistan

Turkish army with heavy weapons to attack the villages of Kanton, Afrin and has bombed areas in Rojava Kurdistan and People’s Defense Forces (Y P G) the duty to protect this part of Kurdistan is responsible, has done a counteroffensive.

The international community

Europe Union sanctions against Iran on Tuesday 11 April 2017, due to “serious violations of human rights” be extended by another year. The first six years of sanctions have been imposed against the Iranian authorities.


Behrouz Naqshi political refugee in Germany has done, he was born in (1954) and the people of Kermanshah in East Kurdistan, which in 1976 to 1982 school teacher in Rawansar in the province of Kermanshah and due to the cooperation with the Komala Party of had been fired, at risk of deportation to Iran has been

Human rights violations by the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly faced with the reactions and protests from international institutions. UN and Europe each have published detailed reports of deplorable human rights situation in Iran and their concern in this regard stated, But in practice, they have not seen an objective response.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association expressed our concern at the plight of human rights and the widespread death, destruction innocent civilians, imprisonment and heavy prison sentences, the international community, the issue of human rights in Iran and East Kurdistan to consider the sacrifice issues and not political connections.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association