Kurdish innocent civilian from Oshnavieh killed by security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran

According to the report on the Kurdistan Human Rights Association evening of Thursday 4 May 2017, a number of innocent civilians in the region “Shapatan” of city functions Oshnavieh in East Kurdistan, target directly the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran were and how many of them wounded and drowned in their blood.

The source said that due to the shooting of these forces, a citizen of Kurdish people of Oshnavieh named Noureddine Ibrahimi in the tail of his life lost as well as three others have been injured, the injury of one of them in critical and is still unaware of the names of wounded the death is not known.

Targeting of civilians by the Islamic Republic of Iran is in conflict with international contracts and conventions to protect the lives and property of citizens have been set and despite the fact that the Iranian government is a signatory to this contract.

Islamic Republic in the border areas, especially in East Kurdistan in terms of security and safety for citizens to his duties did not and contrary to the advice and notifications human rights, continue to kill and loot property and organizing citizens of Kurdish insisted and no institutional accountability Is not.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association