Report of May Kurdistan Human Rights Association about human rights violations in East Kurdistan Islamic Republic of Iran

This report human rights situation on Monday 1 May to Wednesday 31 May in East Kurdistan, the efforts of Kurdistan Human Rights Association, citing numerous reports of human rights association is collected.

It is worth noting this report because of lack let the Iranian government organizations and human rights groups report is not complete and only part of the systematic violation of human rights in East Kurdistan depicts.

Islamic Republic of Iran has detained citizens of Kurdish security forces and police violations of civil and political rights, freedom of opinion and expression, violations of the right to life and personal security, discrimination ruling, the desecration of civilians and torture of political prisoners and ignoring the fundamental rights of prisoners political months ended investigated.

According to Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. As the first paragraph of Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states: Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person: No one can not for their opinions were harassed and fear.

The second paragraph of Article 19 adds that everyone has the right to freedom of expression: this right includes freedom to seek, education and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally or by writing or Viva voce, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice is.

In addition, Article 22 states that Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and of efforts at the national level and cooperation international organization and resources of each country, rights indispensable economic, social and cultural himself to maintain the prestige and growth freely of his character, achieved; No one can not tortured Article 5: No one may be tortured or punishment or brutal methodsand Inhuman or Degrading Treatment used.

In accordance with the conventions recognize the universe in relation to human rights and political and social communities of humanity, every individual and community has the right to political, social, economic and cultural demands and for claiming that endeavor, no community or a superior group on No, and everyone should benefit from the natural law and to recognize known.


Unfortunately this month by the Islamic Republic number of prisoners Kurdish identity they identified were executed, the news is reflected, but according to reports received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , sometimes prisoners of Kurdish crimes in different Iranian prisons executed the executions media is not and the Islamic Republic of Iran does not announce executions.

20 May 2017, death sentence of Kurdish political prisoners, “Kamal Hassan Ramezan” in the prison of Orumiyeh East Kurdistan served notice. Orumiyeh Branch 3 of the Revolutionary Court in absentia by Kamal Hassan Ramezan on 12 November 2011,  on charges of membership in PJAK armed insurrection against the Islamic Republic of Iran has sentenced to death the sentence has been finalized.

The verdict comes as a political prisoner citizen of Kurdish people of Syria and the due date stated not in Iran and last year pressures Information Administration Orumiyeh new case on charges of murder of a public official in Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court was set up named the term was awaiting a court hearing.

Hemen Mostafaei Kurdish political prisoners from the city of Marivan in Kurdistan East, locked in a prison of Sanandaj On Sunday 21 May 2017, in the most recent meeting with the his family said that he had been transferred to solitary confinement and likely death sentence to be executed tomorrow. The next day, the hard work of activists’ campaign against the death penalty “and struggling people Kanidinar village and the city of Sanandaj, his death sentence stopped.

Tuesday 23 May 2017, “Mehran Ashrafi” Dizelabad Kermanshah in prison in East Kurdistan, was executed. It should be noted that the prisoners had been sentenced to death for murder.

Thursday 25 May 2017, the international famous wrestler in prison in Kermanshah Dizelabad was hanged in Kurdistan East.

“Hojatolah Tedru ” Kurdish citizens from Kermanshah and the number of medals won in international fields that are more than 10 years in prison and Thursday morning by the Islamic Republic of Iran on charges of rape, was executed.

Friday 26 May 2017, in the central prison Orumiyeh 3 people, Ramezan Mokhtari from Orumiyeh , Salahedin Shafie Kia from Orumiyeh Osman Hasani from Sardasht ” yesterday was transferred to solitary confinement in prison were executed.

Prison – Arrest

“The Arrest, Summons, Sentencing, Profiling, Threat, Violates the rights of prisoners.”

Mohammad Amin Abdollahi kurdish political prisoner that sentence more than 10 years he imposed in danger of losing his eyes, and need immediate treatment, and although these terms kidney failure also suffered during 10 years of his request for medical treatment with no prison officials rejected the agreement and now faces the risk of eye blindness and officials do not leave to treat him.

On Monday 1 May 2017, around 12 noon, Valeh Zamani a labor activist and member of Alborz workers was arrested by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Tehran.

3 May this year, “Sara Kamangar ” networks in the city of Sanandaj by the intelligence Islamic Republic of Iran were arrested and moved to an unknown place.

8 people the village of “Bimzrteh” The Village “Haq” functions Oshnavieh Nalus district unknown people in clashes with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Islamic Republic of Iran have been arrested and transferred to an unknown location.

The conflict in a place called “Sheikh Ibrahim” happened and the actual number of casualties have not been reported but heard a soldier and as deputy commander known as “Baitullah Dadkhah” was wounded and transferred to hospital in Orumiyeh Revolutionary Guards.

It should be noted that after the outbreak of the conflict, eight residents of the village listed that had nothing to do with the incident by forces Iranian Revolutionary Guards detained whose names are as follows:

Kamal Husseindoust 28 years old child of Mohammad Malek, Khosrow Hamku 35 years child of Mohammad, Mobin Hamku 16 years old child of Kamran, Rashid Hamku 50 years old , Jalal Bashir 45 years old child of Taman, Azad Zangi 35 years old child of Abdolah, Vasim Hamku 20 years old child of Rashid, Karim Ashowan 57 years old.

Lawyer Zeinab Jalalian “Amir Salar Davoudi” In a letter to the Attorney General of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the strike therapeutic her client spoke and wrote that expressed serious concerns about the health of my client, once again the responsibility of the prison authorities Khoy and security and judicial authorities of the city and West Azerbaijan province and the country’s authorities to guarantee the physical and psychological integrity of my client and I emphasize declare the strike until their health problems will continue.

Nader Mohammadi  citizen from Saqez  sentenced to death on charges of murder in Ward 2 (Daralqran) held Karaj Rajai Shahr prison. Ward officials, the debtor ‘jailed protesters were humiliated in front of other naked prisoners. Nader Mohammadi because of protest to sex publicly, between prisoners or to his own words “sodomy in the hall,” and neglect, officials on hunger strike protesting the beatings, insults and transfer of punishment by prison authorities have been met.

Sayed Qasem Abesteh Kurdish prisoners in Karaj Rajai Shahr prison hall 21, section 7 on 7 May 2017, in protest against the lack of medical care and his health problems living in hunger strike. Qasem Abesteh for some time a lump on the side of his tonsils appeared to him as breathing difficult. According to Rajai Shahr prison doctors diagnose the condition is dangerous and should be sent for treatment to hospitals outside of the gland biopsy and then be treated. It seems that prison clinic officials as saying that prosecutors have issued orders to send to the hospital otherwise it is dispatching not possible for him to command the judiciary and judicial officer also refused to send him to the hospital.

Prisoner in Sanandaj prison because of neglect by authorities to demands their rights to protest methods, such as strikes, suicide and self mutilation turned And this despite the fact that 28 prisoners in this prison since April this year to infectious diseases such as hepatitis, have been affected.

5 May 2017, revolutionary court city of Miandoab , 2 years prison sentence and a fine of one million and three hundred thousand USD for the  kurdish citizens of this city appointed. Andishmand(Ahmad) Yazdanifar 41 years old from the village of “Gamishgoali ” of city functions Miandoab in East Kurdistan has previously 20 February 2017, and while returning from South Kurdistan security forces Marivan, was arrested by the court in Marivan, with bail of 150 million toman was released temporarily pending trial.

Wave of arrests, civil activists, missionaries and citizens living in the city of Bukan followers of Sunni Islam in Kurdistan East in the past few months has continued. The first wave of arrests in July last year, the second wave of arrests in 6 October last year and the third wave of arrests in May this year, over fifty people were arrested.

5 May of this year doctor Mansour Mohammad Pour a member of the faculty of Azad city of Bukan , Mamousta Mohsen Bardehzard  imam of the village Bardehzard city of Bukan , four seminary students seminary Novi village of Nachit (identity unknown), three from the Hafiz of Quran living in house keeping Abdulbaset village Kuseh (identity unknown), Salahedin Kavani , “a resident of the city of Bukan neighborhood of Islamabad, Rebwar Mohammadi living in Bukan neighborhood streets Yekshaveh, Kamal Andalus” residents of the city of Bukan neighborhood Mellat Park, kak Moloud in the city of Bukan, Herbal pharmacy known as doctor Moloud by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran were arrested and detained because of their religious activities has been declared by the authorities, however, although accurate information is not available yet their fate.

In addition to the above, a group of seminary students of religion from Bukan along moderator seminary Nachit dressed in clerical garb were in the middle of May this year when returning from Tehran International Book Fair were by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran out of the bus and then beating and insulting to the intelligence agency were Bukan. They bought all the books were confiscated.

Labor activist Osman Ismaili from the city of Saqez from East Kurdistan on charges of disturbing public order, because participating in a International worker day to one year of imprisonment by Branch One of the Revolutionary Court sentenced the Islamic Republic of Iran in city of Saqez.

Officials of Sanandaj , Dizelabad Kermanshah and Orumieh prisons  at dawn on Friday 19 May 2017, Dizelabad Kermanshah and Orumieh prisoners gathered in the hall and the prison yard and threatened them with punishment in case of non-participation in elections meet face cut.

22 May 2017 , Behzad Drkhshanyan son of Rauf from the Saheb functions of Saqez in East Kurdistan in prison Saqez prisoner and failing to agree to leave in the wake of repeated appeals and according to the financial ability to bail, he had to sew his mouth was. Behzad Drkhshanyan prison for carrying illegal detention and arrest of the leg and spine during the injury was serious and needed immediate treatment outside of prison.

Those prisoners who refused to vote in recent elections with the threat of transferred to prisons in other cities or with the certainly and Leave have been met.

The number of women in prison, women prisoners detained in Mahabad, close to 50 female prisoners who have children under three years in prison along with a number of women held also in Orumiyeh Central Prison, about 300 female prisoners that human rights association are earned according to the news that 100 of them are facing the death penalty. More than 30 female prisoners in Sanandaj prison there. The number of female prisoners Kermanshah Dizelabad prison due to lack of prison cells are kept in the corridors and other places, so exact statistics are not available.

It is said :

The cells have a capacity of 3 people held in them 7. In this regard, government officials prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran recently announced that the population of prisoners in the prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran 287 people on a scale of one hundred thousand, and 64% of prisoners in Iran are married, and more than 90,000 of them have two or more children are also 70% based on those under 40 years of age prisoners and prison capacity of 88 thousand people 223 thousand people, which is now in the political geography of Iran prison.

Saturday 27 May 2017, 7 people working in cyberspace to charge up against the regime in cyberspace in Krmashan from East Kurdistan were arrested.

Thursday 25 May 2017, Qadrieh Qaderi political prisoners Kurdish northern Kurdistan after ten days of the expiration date of his release from center for correction of Yasouj Detention of Foreign Nationals in Orumiyeh moved, according to the family and relatives of the political prisoners Orumiyeh live but to reject the execution of the detention of foreign nationals in the city of Orumiyeh moved the headquarters of security forces and handed over to officials of the Turkish government is threatening her.

In Orumieh prison of 17 prisoners Sunni who want to separate their prison ward and transferred to the special section of the prison were Sunni, went on a general strike.

Asma pour Salimi the common people of the city of Orumieh in East Kurdistan, in 2016 and in the return flow from the south Kurdistan by the Islamic Republic of Iran, was arrested and was interrogated and charges of “armed struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran”, “membership in parties of Kurdistan” and “enmity” and the accused was arrested.

Asma pour Salimi charge of armed struggle against the government in the court of the Islamic Republic of Iran Orumiyeh acquitted but their cases are still two other charges mentioned is open and because of the complaints data protection Iranian Revolutionary Guards Ms. pour Salimi charged with war and membership in Kurdistani parties It is the expressed.

“Vahed  Saydeh” labor activist living in Mahabad by the intelligence services in the city of Mahabad was summoned to the security agency. He was asked Tuesday at 10 am to introduce the office. Vahed Saydeh also mentioned morning from 10 am at the office ready  to the office and was interrogated until 3 in the afternoon . After the interrogation, he was allowed to leave the office.

25 May this year, the Information Office of the city of Karaj family “Diako Hashemi” to get the body of their son was summoned to the office. Amir Hashemi father Diako Hashemi  Karaj city was forced to give a commitment to the security guards, who killed their son should be published and broadcast news networks. The Hashemite family also allow the transfer of his son’s Diako Hashemi body home Rawansar not and his body should be buried in the city of Karaj.


The unemployment rate in Kurdistan province to more than 60 percent, the statistics are very worrying and highlights the serious problem of unemployment in the region is Kurdistan East.

The 737 manufacturing unit is active in Kurdistan Province 9 units. Last year, 132 Industrial & Manufacturing Unit in East Kurdistan Kurdistan province shut down 224 factories have been semi active.

A Kurdish worker named “Masoud Shirmohammadi” 23 years old from the village of “Paygelan” Sarvabad, died due to a fall from a building in Tehran. 6 May 2017 Saturday afternoon, in the event due to irresponsible and lack of safety in the workplace by building in the center of the city of Ilam on the Takhti street, young workers, lost his life.

40 residents of the village (Aghdareh Middle) Aghdareh to protest the dismissal from work of mine workers, today “13 May” held a protest gathering. The workers say has previously worked as a seasonal gold mine Aghdareh but this year the employer has not allowed to work to them and because of the mine on Wednesday protested against the 10 May 2017.

Taxi drivers Van Mahabad (Route Mullah Jami terminal) in the yard council, the city held a protest gathering to demand accountability Islamic Republic of Iran to unemployment and problems of their livelihoods and stated that after 6 years of lack of accountability of officials in the city of Mahabad due to the switching station by the taxi, to protest the city Council stopped their car in the yard.

Two civilians peddler in Sardasht on charges of selling live chickens each were sentenced to two months imprisonment.

Green space Boroujerd municipal workers have not received their salaries for five months. These workers are between five and six months unpaid wage claims and contractors, lack of funding and liquidity as the reason for the delay.

Representative appointed by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Sanandaj , Divandareh and Kamyaran to acknowledge that the government departments Islamic Republic of Iran in East Kurdistan citizens of Kurdish fired and officials of the departments of their relatives as in non Kurdistan region and provide them with salaries huge recruit.

He also said in an interview with state news agencies individual Divandarah to visit our recently stated while presenting a request had been accepted for hiring But unfortunately I saw someone from another city to attend that position is referred to here. We see people from other provinces have been attracted here when they ask questions about it as that organization has held assessment test.

Traders and marketers city “Maku”, yesterday, Sunday 28 May 2017, in protest at job status and their livelihoods, to close shop and strike the shuttle gathered in front of the Free Zone and called for the authorities to handle the current situation.

Carriers ( Innocent Civilians ) and Landmines

150 to 200 thousands of Kurdish citizens are engaged in jobs carriers. Workers between 13 to 60 years of a age.

4 May 2017, Thursday evening, a number of carriers ( innocent civilians ) in the region, “Shapatan” of city functions Sheno in East Kurdistan, the Islamic Republic security forces were firing directly. Shooting these forces, due to a Kurdish citizen named Noureddine Ibrahimi from Sheno died instantly and three others were injured as well, one of them serious injuries were reported.

7 May 2017, Islamic Republic of Iran forces in between (Darake Kani_Talah Jar) of city functions Sheno in East Kurdistan, ambush laid for a group of the Kurdish carryiers ( innocent civilians) and as soon as they reach this place, these forces are the target of the shooting. The next morning when the people of this area to help innocent civilians to go there with the horses they face death.

2 Kurdish innocent civilians wounded from Sardasht East Kurdistan, are in severe physical and due to the inability of the high cost of hospital discharge is not allowed.

” Bahman Tofiqi ” from “Gaka” functions Alan Sardasht on 5 March 2017, around the village Baytoush about shooting forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the multiple bullet injuries of the abdomen to hospital in Orumieh moved and is now in bad physical shape with and the high cost of hospital amounted to 80 million USD and its inability to pay the hospital staff not to let him leave the hospital.

Other Kurdish innocent civilian from the village, “Dola” functions Sardasht Osman Ahmadi is married and has 3 children, on Wednesday 1 February 2017, shootings troops Islamic Republic of Iran were already mentioned in the hospital Orumieh severe physical is and one of his legs due to severe injuries and disabilities due to the inability of the lack of the high cost of 62 million USD hospital discharge is also prevent them.

On Monday 15 May 2017, a young 28 years old from Qasr-e Shirin in Kermanshah province for inspection of their livestock near the Shirazi bridge this city was referred, by landmines surviving the Iran ,Iraq war of the arm and left leg suffered is.

Rezgar Sakani corpse from the village ” Pasan Tirgu” Silvaneh of the functions city of Orumieh in East Kurdistan that was missing last year, on Wednesday 17 May 2017, after a lapse of 105 days was found. “Rezgar Sakani ” carrier raised his job in  dated on Tuesday 31 January 2017, near the village of “Kouran ” avalanche accident, and after a few months by villagers found.

21 May 2017 at noon, Adel Valizadeh child of Hamid, a resident of the region Dowlat Abad Kermanshah due to mine explosion killed and one of his relatives were wounded and taken to hospital.

On Monday 22 May 2017, on the border between East and South Kurdistan, near the city of Piranshahr, landmines left over from the Iran , Iraq war causing injury intense citizen of Kurdish “Abdullah Nobakht,” 50 years old from the city of Piranshahr and the severity of injury Orumieh Motahari hospital was transferred.

On Friday 26 May 2017, in the region Hawraman in East Kurdistan due to direct shot of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Islamic Republic of Iran innocent civilians nearby villages, “Kimneh and Birvaz” Several innocent civilians were wounded, one of them due to injuries the way to the hospital Marivan lost his life and several other innocent civilians from villages of Bendol and in Saral area, who had been hospitalized due to injuries in the hospital Marivan.

Name a few of the wounded quoted news sources as follows:

1- Tofiq Mostafaei (45 years old and from the village of Pileh Marivan )

2- Houshyar Sahraei (30 years from the village of Valineh Marivan)

3- Adnan Shahidi (from Bendol Sarvabad)

Also reports of dozens of horses are carriers ( innocent civilians).

On Friday 26 May 2017, near the village ” Konah saif” functions Sarshiv Saqez, the police station Bastam by laying an ambush, innocent civilians targets and a innocent civilians called “Mohammad Darehtefi ” injured and another one arrested and also several horses innocent civilians shot and  were killed.

On Sunday 28 May 2017, around 11 morning in the village of “Abu Ghraib” Dasht-e Abbas functions of Dehloran in East Kurdistan, a driver shovel called “Rahman Bazyar” which worked because of the explosion of mines antitank remnants of war 8 years Iran and Iraq under the wheels of the excavator was exploded and the driver suffered shock wave.

Environment and Health

Cardiac Surgery Center Boroujerd only due to financial problems and lack of demand for three and a half billion dollar received from insurance organizations by Lorestan University of Medical Sciences on the verge of closure is complete.

Sanandaj residents and citizens of many problems that have exhausted the authorities to come to their appeal. Thousands of residents Isar Buildings of Sanandaj city in East Kurdistan said that almost a few months, the cost of asphalt and cooperation with the Municipality of delivery that the situation of those in the rural town of Zagros and Isar Buildings settle down and the asphalt streets take place but no measure has been taken and officials are not accountable to the residents of these areas.

Part of the citizens of the city of Sanandaj and surrounding villages are facing the problem of lack of drinking water and pending running empty promises live Islamic Republic of Iran officials.

Salavat Abad and Barazan villages and in including places have the most environmental problems, including lack of drinking water and waste are collected location. Dowlat Abad village which is located about 10 kilometers from the city of Sanandaj and water is abundant in the area.

In this village because the collection garbage not done.In nature (springs and rivers) is abandoned beautiful and healthy texture they are challenged and all kinds of diseases, threatening the lives of the citizens.

Distribution of plastic rubbish from Location of waste disposal Salmas East Kurdistan in agricultural lands surrounding villages to major environmental problems and protesting villagers has made the city become. Choose a place for waste disposal in the city’s development path and no fence around it to prevent the spread of waste plastic are not considered and the capacity of this place is finished and the standards for conservation and preventing the spread of diseases, especially among birds and transmit it to the city, not been met.

Community activists Environmental Protection city of Bukan in East Kurdistan, their objections based on the adoption and implementation of the wrong policies of the mayor of the city have expressed in relation to the environment.

Apparently possessions and antinomies conducted by healthcare organizations and illegal destruction ” park Qoleh ” concerns among citizens and environmental activists have created this city.

It is noteworthy that Bukan mayor in a letter dated 22 April 2017, # 2290 to stop aggression and occupation of the park was issued,but surprisingly after a few days despite the opposition of the provincial Commission by the users of the park, re-invasion and destruction of the park began anew.

Fire getting Pich Ayneh in Ilam and Kabir Kuh forest and meadows and a few days earlier, 30 hectares of wheat fields in the village, “Bareh Bijeh” the functions of Dehloran burned.

Dam construction to practice in order to rob the water resources of East Kurdistan, in ( Kurdistan, Orumieh, Kermanshah , Ilam) dam projects in the provinces it continues so that in the Sanandaj 18, Orumieh 52, Kermanshah 22, Ilam 40 dams in the last few years the construction or 80 units are being built dams also are studying the executive stage.

On Sunday 28 May 2017, once again, hands covered with for environmental and nature created East Kurdistan accident and attempted set fire to and damage to the areas close to the village, ” Razab ” in the mountains were Kusalan Marivan.

On Monday 29 May 2017, the shelling  forest and meadows Islamic Republic of Iran in the city “Paveh ” which caused extensive fire along the border between East and South Kurdistan coverd forests.

Other cases of human rights violations “committed suicide, women, children and …”

Maneuver Brigades Jerusalem street called the Islamic Republic security forces and Kosar in Kurdkouy exhibited protests and called opponents of the rioters and carried signs and signals that contain mainly union and workers’ slogans. According to the approach of Labor Day and Week teacher, it seemed the maneuver associated with the occasion and possibly dealing with workers and labor activists are held. Another important issue is the use of teenagers in this maneuver.

A Kurdish woman called Golzhin Hussein Zadeh from the city of Sardasht in East Kurdistan , was hanged in Salim Pasha prison in Turkey .

Wednesday 3 May 2017, Karim Jamshidi , 60 years old in the village of ” Sarhouyeh ” functions ( Kalatarzan ) of Sanandaj in Kurdistan East, had hanged hisself and his life has ended.

Roads in the province of Kurdistan in terms of quality and safety in the last place in the political geography of Iran.

62 years old woman in the village of Sari Qurkhan Tekab in East Kurdistan by hanging ended her life.

While Hassan Rouhani to advertising campaign in Kermanshah , civil rights activists by security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran have been beaten and items related to teaching their native language was confiscated.

When Hassan Rouhani to advertise presidential elections in Orumieh, Kurdish activists by raising placards on which was written “Carriers job  is not in human dignity,” protested the policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

A group of teachers city of Bukan in the presence Masoud Pezeshkian current representative in the Iranian parliament (Tabriz, Azar Shahr and Osku) and to determine the fate of their employment, issues were raised and demanded an investigation into their situation.

Due to over 30 years of chemical bombardments city of Sardasht East Kurdistan during the Iran-Iraq war by the Baathist government of Iraq took place, there are still large numbers of people in the city with death struggle, and most of them are in critical condition mentally and physically respectively. Kurdish chemical injured , “Mohammad Ahmad Zadeh from village of  “Rashameh”, functions of  city of Sardasht which has 6 children, after 30 years of this tragic incident, in addition to exposure, he by shrapnel wounded still shrapnel  in his body remaining, and no government agency ever since he did not support.

Candidates followers Yarsan (ahl al Haq ) in the city and village, city Hashtgerd (Karaj), whose number 30 was, by the House Oversight Committee to request candidates to the authorities of four (Registrar of Civil Status, judicial, law enforcement and intelligence services) are, 28 of them were disqualified.

Saturday 13 May 2017, woman, 30 years old, named the abbreviation “Sh_B” village ( Kosahmari ) in Saral Divandareh due to family disputes self immolation, and as a result 60% of her body burned , due to injuries to was transferred to a hospital in Isfahan.

On Thursday 18 May this year, a woman of 25 years named “B_M” from the village (Gulanah) functions Divandareh in East Kurdistan, self-immolation as a result 20% of her body burned and for treatment to a hospital in the Sanandaj , was moved .

On Thursday 18 May 2017, a young Kurdish named “Sasan Moradi” Kermanshah in Kurdistan East Garrison Krmashan committed suicide and lost his life.

Saturday 20 May 2017, a young Kurdish called “Reza Rostam Zadeh» 18 years old from parish Silou Saqez in East Kurdistan by taking “tablet” committed suicide and lost his life.

On Monday 22 May 2017, 25 years old woman named abbreviations (A_A) parish, “Tazava” Saqez city in East Kurdistan, ended her life by hanging himself.

Saturday 20 May 2017, a woman named ” Sheno Moein ” from Sardasht who is married and has one child, by his brother called (Shwaneh Moein ) on the pretext of honor, was shot dead.

In the wake of widespread election fraud in the fifth elections for local councils in Kermanshah and other cities in East Kurdistan, opposition candidates are scheduled to formally protest to demand the annulment of the election results are discussed.

On Monday 22 May 2017, 19 years old girl named Shaima Gharaney in Mahabad ended with the attempted suicide lost her life.

Thursday 25 May 2017, Kamyaran citizen in Kurdistan East the name of “Arash Weisi ” son of Reza Weisi had attempted suicide and was led to his death.

Sunday evening 28 May 2017, victims Development Institute (Arman) in the city, “Ilam”, the branch of the institute that is active under the supervision of the central bank, held a protest rally and demanded the withdrawal of their money.

Saturday 27 May2017, 17 years old called ( S , A ) from city of Marivan in Kurdistan East, according to the victim’s relatives because of family problems has attempted to set herself on fire and died.

Monday 29 May 2017, 17 years old girl from Piranshahr named Kani   (Sara Akfudeh ) child of Syed Ibrahim Akfudeh , ended her life by hanging himself.

At the end of Kurdistan Human Rights Association of Kurdish people in East Kurdistan wants to try to make diligent in their rights any discrimination and inequality on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran is committed them to bring to the world.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association