The killing of a Kurdish citizen from West Kurdistan (Rojava) in Germany by two Arab person

According to a report received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , Thursday, 1/06/ 2017, a citizen of Kurdish people “Afrin” in West Kurdistan called “Abdo Yaqoub” 33 years after Daesh attack on his hometown in Germany had taken refuge, the two Arab Muslim fasting month of Ramadan on the pretext that the act of smoking has in “Oldenburg” Germany, was killed. According to the report of the attackers were arrested by the police and the investigation found that both men are from Latakia province in Syria.

It should be noted that Abdo He is married and has two children and a third child wants to be born.

Violence against the Kurds not only in their homeland but also in America and European countries is increasing and not long ago in the United States of America, the number of guards and diplomats, the Turkish government to Kurdish citizens resident in the country attacked.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association