Prevent new sentence “Saman Nasim” According to the forensic medical confirmation

According to a report by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association reached Thursday 1 June 2017, Saman Nasim in order to determine the growth of mental age at the time of the alleged crime, the judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran Oroumieh moved in the presence of the judge by some of the doctors were examined.

Saman Nasim child offenders on death row, in paragraph 12 of the central prison of Oroumieh while inhibition mental age him of the crime alleged is due to the young age (before age 18) from the Forensic Medicine confirmed but the results of these tests confirm is not.

He was born 16 December 1993, that 15 September 2011, arrest on April 2013, by the Revolutionary Court in the Islamic Republic in Mahabad on charges of waging war against God and corruption on earth and through taking up arms and join one of the Kurdish parties was sentenced to death and the sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court on December 2013.

In this regard, many governments, experts and UN Special Rapporteurs on the situation of human rights in Iran, Amnesty International and human rights organizations called for a stay of execution “Saman Nasim” was.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association