Female suicide Saqez in East Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association , today 22 May 2017, a woman 25 years abbreviated (A_A) parish “Tazava” city of Saqez in East Kurdistan, by hanging himself to her life end, and yet how and why this suicide there is no information.

It should be noted that in recent days the a young 18 years old named Reza Rostamzadeh in Saqez with pills to end his life was also in the last week two young women 25 and 30 years old Divandarah attempted to burn themselves to death and their organs fire in recent days as a young Kurdish committed suicide in Kermanshah.

The increasing suicides in East Kurdistan require preventive measures and serious that it is the direct responsibility of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Facts and figures received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association contains 119 suicides in 2016 that includes 65 male and 54 female, 7 women and 2 men end their lives by self immolation have.

Of these people, 16 persons less than 18 years old (one 8 years old, 3

people 10 years old and one 11 years old), there is one of these children, “10 year” action has to be self burning.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association