Fattah Forouhar was transferred to prison to serve his sentence

According to a report received by KMMK, in recent days, “Fattah Forouhar”, a resident of Piranshahr, has been transferred to the I.R.Iran’s Prison in Naghadeh to serve his sentence.

He was transferred to prison while he had previously been sentenced by the Iranian Revolution Court in Piranshahr to 1 year in prison and 4 years suspended imprisonment.
It is worth mentioning that the accusation against this citizen is cooperation with one of the Kurdish parties of the opposition.
It should be noted that Fattah Forouhar was arrested on June 30, 2020, without a court order, and beaten by Intelligence forces and then transferred to the Government Intelligence Office Detention Center in Urmia. He was released on bail. After the interrogation process.

Kurdistan Human rights Association