Valeh Zamani, labor activist was arrested today.

According to reports, Kurdistan Human Rights Association : Today Monday, 1 May around 12 noon, Valeh Zmani a labor activist and member of the workers of Alborz by security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was arrested in Tehran and according to the latest reports, databases th Security Police Islamic Republic of Iran Tehran was transferred.

The report said that despite police ban a scheduled ceremony to International Workers’ Day in front of the Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Tehran, with resistance workers and 11 am The event ended with the reading of Trade Unions resolution.

At the end of the ceremony, the workers are marching towards the underground movement, and after chanting various slogans in front of the subway to the ceremony ended, but after entering the subway, Valeh Zmani by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was arrested following the situation around Seven of the remaining workers at the site of went to to the police kiosk Parliament but did not to free Valeh and finally, he was taken to court in the city park area.

It should be mentioned that the Valeh Zamani , labor activists and relatives, when Shahrukh Zamani trade unionist, arrested on 20/09/2015 and  28/09/ 2015 ,bail of Section 209 of Evin Prison Department data released on bail was.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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