Imprisonment sentence for two citizens in Urmia


Monday, March 14, 2022 The Revolutionary Court of Iran in Urmia charged two citizens, “Amin Iranizadeh”, son of Nasser from Ghassemlou village, and “Shirzad Shoghi Ghassemlou”, son of Khalid, from Mam Ebrahim village of that city, on charges of “acting against national security.

He was sentenced to two years, six months in prison and three years in prison, respectively, for membership in a Kurdish party.

It should be noted that these citizens were arrested by the Iranian security forces in Urmia on July 5 and 11 of this year without a court order. Were transferred

The two citizens were temporarily released from Oshnoyeh prison (Sheno) on August 28, 2021 on bail until the end of the trial.

It should be noted that these citizens were denied access to a lawyer and family visits during their detention.

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