Kasra Bani Amerian is deprived of his minimum rights in prison

According to the report, “Kasra Bani Amerian”, a 26 year-old, Resident of “Songhor” and political prisoner imprisoned in Evin Prison of the I.R.Iran’s government, is deprived of the minimum rights of a prisoner despite having leukemia.

According to an informed source: Kasra Bani Amerian has been imprisoned for a year and a half and is suffering from his poor physical condition. With the obstruction of prison officials, he is deprived of adequate medical care and the necessary requirements.

It should be noted that Bani Amerian deficit was diagnosed with “leukemia” at an early age, and he now suffers severely from the effects of the disease, which includes weakening of the body and injury to both legs.

It’s worth mentioning that the family of this prisoner has requested several times to take care of their child’s health, and as a result, they have been opposed by the prison authorities, so that even the prison authorities have avoided delivering the necessary medicines for his illness.