East Kurdistan Workers city of Sanandaj statement on the occasion of Labor Day (1 May)

According to reports received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Workers and their families on the occasion of the First of May ( 1 May) International Workers’ Day, a statement issued which called for legal claims, humane and ethical people working were the productive economy of any country there, workers in the statement of worsening living conditions, unemployment, poverty, inflation, job insecurity, contracts white and temporary or deportation of workers reported and said every day to see stats astronomical payroll managers and financial scandals they committed but other so we see that the amendment bill to the Iranian parliament’s work! Although the resistance movement of workers portions of the bill remains silent for a while.

In the statement, the families of the workers in Sanandaj in East Kurdistan on the occasion of International Workers Day demands, including recognition of the International Workers Day, employment insurance, people, stop laying off workers and revocation of temporary contracts blank and in fifteen strap has proposed calling Iranian authorities to handle the demands of their legal and human.

It should be noted that Statistics holiday workshops retailers in Iran and unemployed citizens, especially in East Kurdistan daily growing in this area can be Vatan newspaper today noted that the closure of 70% of industrial units in the province of Kurdistan, announced or in human rights violations should be reported (4069) noted that in 1395 about 66% of which is owned by the Kurdistan workers East.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association