A political activist from East Kurdistan in Soleimanieh was assassinated

On Wednesday, July 14, 2021, “Rebin Rahimi” a political activist and native of Sna (sanandaj) was shot dead by unknown persons in the Jaleh Industrial Town area around Solaimanieh in southern Kurdistan region.
According to a reliable source; Rebin Rahimi was shot four times today, Wednesday, at 12 o’clock at his workplace one of the warehouses (in the Jaleh area around Soleimani) and was taken to a hospital in the city of Soleimanieh.

The source added; Shortly after his transfer to the hospital, the political activist lost his life in the hospital.

It should be noted that Rebin Rahimi and his wife fled to southern Kurdistan about 10 years ago due to political activity and harassment and pressure from I.R.Iran’s government during which time they were repeatedly threatened by that government.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association states that as of this writing, no information has been released about the perpetrators of this assassination by any person or security agency in the Kurdistan Region.

Until the publication of this news it was not recognized why and by whom he was killed.