Shaho was once again the prey to fire.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report, today, Sunday 13 August 2017, the meadows and shrubs of Shaho and surrounding area in the eastern part of Kurdistan were burned.

According to the announcement, after several days ago, volunteer citizens of the cities (Dehgolan, Sanandaj, Marivan), and with the commencement of this move by the people of the Kamyaran city in eastern Kurdistan to control the fires, today, the Revolutionary Guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran Kurdistan province has been burned by the pretext of carrying out military maneuvers and shelling of Shaho Mountains and surrounding mountains, a large part of oak trees and vegetation and environment.

According to the same report, civil citizens and environmental advocates sought to control the fire with the least available firefighting facilities and called on people to help with the Shaho. It is necessary to say that the mountain of Shaho and the mountainous regions of Marivan – Sanandaj – Kamyaran are the main source of the water of the Sirwan River. The Islamic Republic of Iran, by constructing the Dariyan Dam, wants to transfer the waters of these areas to the central parts of Iran and by burning forests, pastures and The environment seeks to transform the lush greenery of Oramanat into the desert and build a desert and desert in central Iran.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association