Marivani citizen’s self-immolation in East Kurdistan

According to reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Association , Monday 1 May, a street vendor carts in Marivan, in the wake of his arrest by the mayor of the city, to the Self-Immolation.

The report states that the agents mayor when want to take trolleys that this man was the only source of income, with action vendors man by pouring petrol on his body who want to prevent this self-immolation have been met and were prevented.

This incident constituted a serious problem in East Kurdistan with unemployment, jobs, suspended, harassed by forces loyal to the Islamic Republic of Iran And psychological problems faced every day increases.

It should be noted that vendors and proletarian one of the false jobs common in the cities of East Kurdistan, the means of subsistence households in these areas, but we see the forces and agents affiliated to the Iranian government, this right to them, allowing no and constantly seek to harass them and even in relation to the innocent civilians attempted to kill them.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association