A fire inflicted damage to 100 hectares of Maremishu forest in Urmia

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, since last day Saturday 30 July 2017, a part of the forests of the Maremishu region, from the province of Urmia from eastern Kurdistan, estimated at more than 100 hectares, was burned.

According to the director of the natural resources of the province, the province has failed to deal with border problems and areas infected with mines and mortars, and the absence of helicopters has slowed the process of containment, according to a report. Maremishu area is from the east of Kurdistan, covered with rare species of trees, plants and animals. Reports from eastern Kurdistan indicate continuity of chain fires in the forests and beautiful Zagros pastures.

At least five fires have been reported in Kurdistan, Urmia, and Kermanshah provinces on the first two days of the week, and the continuation of this situation has increased the concern of the community and environmentalists. In this regard, environmental activists on Friday 28 July 2017, launched a protest movement in Zagros forests, expressing concern about the critical condition of the Zagros forests and stopping the burning.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association



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