Unclear situation and Kurdish political prisoner illness in Urmia Prison

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, Kurdish political prisoner Mohammad Amin Payghami, known as Amir, son of Khezr, from Oshnavieh, east of Kurdistan,on Sunday 28 May this year in Urmia  in a state of uncertainty and illness has been.

According to a report, he was accused of cooperating with the Kurdish opposition parties and spent 28 days in the detention center of the district intelligence, and was later transferred to the Urmia Prison.

This political prison had a history of lymph nodes in the left leg and before being arrested under the supervision of a physician in Tehran and Shiraz, and is now in the hall 12 prison of Urmia, and after arrest and exacerbation of the swelling of the lower part In the prison, practically, his treatment has been discontinued. And prison authorities do not pay attention to the deterioration of his physical condition.

It should be noted that the prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the east of Kurdistan have a wide range of illegal behaviors, including the illegal and immoral encounters of the guards and the beatings and torture of prisoners by prison officials or prisoners, poor living conditions, health and nutrition of prisoners. And even the arrival and distribution of drugs in prison includs.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association