KMMK urges KRG to respond to the extradition of Mustafa Salimi to Iran


KMMK strongly condemned the extradition of political prisoner, Mustafa Salimi, by the KRG to the Iranian Government and urges the authorities in the autonomous Kurdistan region to respond.

Mustafa Salim has been sentenced to death and has spent the past 17 years in prison. The extradition of a political prisoner to a government like the Islamic Republic of Iran does not comply with any law standards and it is a clear violation of human rights and very clearly endangering a human life.

By doing so, KRG has endangered the life of this political prisoner and KRG is complicit in the execution and murder of this political prisoner.

Mustafa Salimi escaped from the government’s prison in Saqqez on 27th of March 2020, along with seventy other prisoners, and he fled to the Kurdistan region of Penjwen. He was then detained by KRG security forces, known as Asayish, and extradited to Iran.

Mostafa Salimi was born in Eilo village near Saqqez city on 22nd June 1967. He was detained on 17th of April 2003 with charges such as “being a member of Kudish opposition parties”, “war against God and the state” and  “armed robbery” and he was senteced to death later by the court and judge Goudini.

He had previously been a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, KDP, and had returned to Saqqez after leaving the party. During the seventeen years in prison, he had not have even one day leave permission and was imprisoned in Iranian prisons of Saqqez and Senneh without the right to leave even for a single day.

KMMK strongly condemned the extradition of Mustafa Salimi and calls KRG to respond immediately .

KMMK wants the Iranian government to suspend the death sentence of this prisoner and calls on the international organization and institutions to prevent the execution of this prisoner.

Kurdistan human rights Association

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