Mustafa Salimi was executed / Penjwin’s Asayish delivered him to Iran


On the morning of Saturday, April 11th, 2020, Mostafa Salimi, a 51-year-old political prisoner, was executed by the Iranian government after 17 years of imprisonment.

Mostafa Salimi escaped with a group of prisoners from Saqqez prison on March 27th 2010, and he was detained by Kurdish security forces of KRG , known as “Asayish”, in the village of Garmak near Penjwin and handed over to Iranian security guards at the Siranband-Baneh border crossing.

The death sentence for this political prisoner was known to Penjwin’s Asayish of KRG and despite that they handed him over to the Iranian government.

Officials Iranian government on Friday 10th of April called on the family of the political prisoner Mostafa Salimi to have their last meeting with him. In the meeting he confirmed that he had been detained by Asayish forces of KRG and handed over to the Iranian security forces in Seyranband border crossing of Baneh.

Mustafa Salimi, born on 22nd June 1967 in the village of Elo in Tilku region of Saqqez. He was married and father of one child. He joined KDP, the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, in early 2001. Early 2003, Mustafa Salimi left the party and returned to Iran and settled in the city of Nahavand in Hamadan province.

He was arrested on 17th of April 2003 and transferred to the Iranian government’s intelligence office in Saqqez. After three months of interrogation and solitary confinement, he was trialed in Branch one of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Iran in Saqez, presided over by Alireza Goudini.

Mustafa Salimi was sentenced to 15 years in prison plus death sentence on charges of “being a member of Kudish opposition parties”, “war against God and the state” and “armed robbery”.

Mustafa Salimi appealed against the court ruling and his two lawyer’s Saeed Sheikhi and Seyed Jamal Hesami, appealed to the Supreme Court of Iran. Despite the appeal the ruling in the first court was confirmed by Branch 31 of the Supreme Court. In May 2014, in Branch 15 of the Supreme Court, the verdict was reaffirmed.

It should be mentioned Mustafa Salimi had never accepted the charge of armed conflict and armed robbery and declared these accusations to be false and far from reality.

Kurdistan human rights Association

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