CPT: The Turkish army setting fire to villagers’ farms at night

The branch of the International Christian Peace Organization (CPT) in the Kurdistan Autonomous Region (Iraq) issued a statement announcing that Turkish government forces had attacked villages and farms at night in the border areas of the South Kurdistan Autonomous Region, in addition to bombing rural farms. Their fields, vineyards and gardens are set on fire.

This organization said in a statement: “With the start of Turkish military operations known as Lightning, more than 10,000 hectares of farmland in border villages such as Barvar Olya in southern Kurdistan have been destroyed since April4 “Turkish bombing is gone.”
A resident of the village of Herore told the World Peacekeeping Organization: “Most of the agricultural land in our village was burned by Turkish drones and helicopters. Some nights we do not hear any bombings or shootings, but Turkish troops move. “We see them coming to our village and burning our lands, vineyards and gardens.”

The local witness added that Turkish soldiers had told them, “If you try to settle the land and gardens again, we will target and kill you like PKK guerrillas.”

The CPT has stated that apart from the fact that the Turkish army has set fire to the villagers’ farmland, it has also threatened the villagers that they do not have the right to enter their land and gardens
” Sarbast Sabri, the mayor of the Kani Masi district, told the CPT “Some of the burned trees are more than 100 years old. What is happening here is an environmental catastrophe. He called on the international community to stand up against the aggression and Occupy Turkey to take a stand on the environment of Kurdistan.