The plaintiff threatened to kill Soda Khedirzadeh in the first court session


On Wednesday, August 24, 2022, the first hearing of the case of Saada Khedirzadeh, a political prisoner imprisoned in the women’s ward of the Islamic Republic of Iran Prison in Urmia, was held, and she was publicly threatened to be killed by the plaintiff in the courtroom.

According to the report and citing the statements of an informed source, the first court session of Saada Khedirzadeh was held online in the third branch of the Criminal Court 1 located in Mahabad city with the presence of the person named himself, his lawyer and also the plaintiffs of the case, named publicly by one of the plaintiffs.The case named “Morad Pirutinia”, the son of Khezr Pirutinia, (a member of the Revolutionary Guards who was killed by unknown persons on Tuesday, October 5, 2021), was threatened with death in the audience in the court.

The said person threatened Saada Khedirzadeh in such a way that, if he is released, they will kill him. After being threatened by the plaintiffs of the case, the aforementioned lawyer has given up his decision to continue representing Saada Khedirzadeh’s case to the family of this political prisoner.

It should be added that the accusations against the mentioned “assisting in the murder of a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and being a member of one of the opposition parties of the Iranian government” are mentioned.Saada Khedirzadeh has completely denied all these accusations in her defense.

It should be noted that the bail of 3 billion tomans for the temporary release of Saada Khedirzadeh has been prepared for acceptance by the court for a long time, but at different stages his temporary release was opposed and each time the bail amount became heavier until it reached 3 billion it is arrived.

In an interview, Saada Khedirzadeh was forced to confess and deny the news of her suicide, and “Mizan” news agency also published the video of her forced confession.

On Thursday, August 18 of this year, this political prison committed suicide by using a scarf through its hanger during the resting time of other prisoners due to indecision, the pressure of the security forces to force a confession, the non-acceptance of bail and various excuses to prevent freedom.

On June 20 of this year, Saada Khedirzadeh gave birth to her child by caesarean section in an unspecified hospital in Urmia, and one day after the operation, she was sent back to the Iranian government prison in Urmia. Registration of administrative work and issuance of ID card for his child has been postponed until after her release from prison.

Saada Khedirzadeh was arrested on the 14nd of October 2021 while she was pregnant by the security forces of the Iranian government without a judicial warrant.