We call for the investigation and intervention of the United Nations to investigate the health of
political prisoners


Considering the arrest of hundreds of people during the recent popular protests and their transfer to detention centers and prisons, as well as the deliberate incidents caused by the Iranian government in some prisons, we are seriously concerned about the health of prisoners in general and political prisoners in the country special.

The attack by the Iranian government’s protection and security forces on the prisoners in Sanandaj prison, the fire in Lark prison and the death of at least 10 prisoners, and the fire in Tehran’s Evin prison and the killing of 40 people are just three cases, that have happened in the last few days and it shows the emergency situation in these prisons and the detainees are in danger.

In the Iranian government prison in Sanandaj, prisoners were beaten and tortured by prison staff. There was a fire in Lark prison and the Iranian government authorities have not released any information about it, and it is not clear what happened to the prisoners.

In Evin prison, after the release of the first images of the major fire in the 7th and 8th wards of this prison, news of the injuries of several prisoners was published. As always, Iranian government officials have tried to project and marginalize this fire, and by creating an atmosphere of security, they have prevented the prisoners’ people and families from entering the prison, while at the same time beating the protesting people. It is now known that at least 40 people died and 60 others were injured in the fire.

It should be noted that at least 3,500 protesting citizens were arrested in cities like Sanandaj (Sine), Krmashan, Marivan, Diwandere, Bokan, Mahabad, Saqqez, Ilam and Ashnoye in Kurdistan. Aside from direct fire from Iranian forces killing 40 and injuring hundreds.

That is why we call on the United Nations, the European Union and democratic countries to set up a neutral international delegation to enter prisons and examine the health of prisoners.

The United Nations should stop the Iranian government from continuing to kill and torture people using the legal mechanism of this international organization.

We call on the democratic countries, especially in Europe and America, to sever diplomatic and political ties with this authoritarian government and stand before the freedom-loving people.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK) e.V.