An open letter 250 the civil rights activist to protest the killing kurdish ” carriers (innocent civilians ) and businessmen”

Kurdistan Human Rights Association Report cites Harana , coinciding with the rising protest the murder of carriers ( innocent civilians ) in the western regions of the country by security forces deployed in the region, 250 civil activists with the publication of the letter were accompanied by protests.

The full text of the letter is as follows :

The noble people of Iran, Kurdistan’s people, authorities and national and local authorities

As you all know for years in the shadow of poverty and underdevelopment in the region and the security approach and the various discriminations, many poor border of Kurdistan, out of desperation, to work hard, “Carrier” turned. However, in recent years with the establishment of measures such as, organizing cooperatives frontiersmen, cards, travel and the ceiling and quota clearance, efforts to systematize and legalize problem Carrier has been made, but many people have to pay for meager wages, out the conditions set forth, Carrier put themselves at risk. Risks, such as cross mine fields and roads impassable and endure heat and cold, annually causing material damage and loss of life to the people most oppressed and deprived.

But further on these matters Colbert has turned into a tragedy, firing blindly military forces that have caused the death or disability of the population is defenseless.

Although the brutal murders Carriers ( innocent civilians ) even caused protests from some officials, but practically not only to the objections of local people do not have, but authorities reacted only in the media, he has found and what daily practice happens shoot recklessly and killing continued innocent civilians oppressed Is. In the latest example of irresponsible behavior, witnessed the death of innocent civilian other shooting victims were in direct law enforcement. Image of innocent young , called (Sirvan Azizi ) on the side of the cigarette innocently fallen in the heart of every human freedoms and breaks. Image tragic widely reflected in the virtual space. Obviously, producers and repeated the painful events in recent years, indicating the absence of a will are serious and sincere effort to end this series is ominous.

We, the signatories of this letter expressed condolences and sympathy to the family innocent civilian dead and other victims of the years, is deeply and express our utter condemnation of any clash violently with innocent civilians and problem Carriers declare and demanded an end to the silence of unjustified people, civil society activists and representatives in this connection we Assembly. Obviously this demand reliable, derived from natural right to protect the lives of citizens. Otherwise, the continuation of current trends and unbearable destruction Kurdish innocent civilians, causing frustration and mistrust and divergence will be more than before.

It is assumed that all liberals Iran and Kurdistan their voices for the party to stop the blood and tears, and this campaign will be valid.

Signed by 250 of activists

Kurdistan Human Rights Association