Ocalan lawyers: what is happening in İmralı, not less than execution

According to reports Kurdistan Human Rights Association Razan Sarija attorneys Abdullah Ocalan said in an interview that the Turkish government through massive prison siege imposed İmralı is the slow death of the client.

Kurdish movement’s leaders Abdullah Ocalan in Section F of the fifteenth of February 1999 has imprisoned İmralı island prison. During the past eighteen years of international organizations responsible for the violation of all international treaties by Turkey of prisoners’ rights violations.

He announced that Turkish authorities for months to meet Ocalan and three other prisoners held in İmralı with attorneys and their relatives have prevented Europe’s Court of Human Rights said they will not handle complaints effectively.

News website Furat News in a report in this regard said that the Human Rights Tribunal of Europe earlier in the court process Ocalan had objected said Razan Sarija his position retreated and Turkey for failing to accept the retry in fair condition are asked not Is.

Rezan Saryja also to short of the Council of Europe of trying to legitimize the torture of Ocalan and said the Turkish government at the time of amending domestic legislation in June 2005 by adding a series of notes that it “rules for Ocalan” called for arrests compression in prison legal clothes sewed that this action violated Article III of the Convention against Torture and inhuman treatment of prisoners was harsh.

He added: “In general, the existence of the Kurds to the Turkish constitution denies any terrorist act demands of the people for democracy and sees organizational activities.

Turkey rules that authorities justify it by tying security issues contrary to international standards, but Europe has ignored it. Europe also Ocalan all efforts to solve the Kurdish issue by democratic means to comply with the union standards to ignore. ”

Abdullah Ocalan’s lawyer reminded the confirmation of the occurrence of torture in the report of the Human Rights Tribunal Europe in November 2009, said Turkey Since then, not only a change in their approach did not create but difficult conditions of imprisonment of Ocalan in absolute isolation İmralı, imposing a slow death followed.

Ocalan without any right to call the meeting to be held in a small room without enough air that it was having trouble breathing and physical.

Razan Sarija said: In July 2011 none of Ocalan’s lawyers have not been able to meet his client and the government imprisoned many lawyers. In the next place, the Turkish government met with Ocalan in İmralı family members of diplomatic missions banned. Now, during the most intensive arrests on the island of İmralı witness.

Ocalan in 2016 by court order of Bursa right to meet with the three imprisoned in İmralı prison and deprived of the right to phone and correspondence is not news. İmralı no possibility to find out what happens ,does not exist.

He uses this situation as a process of hiding Ocalan in İmralı and said: This action comes as the issue of the return of the death penalty in Turkey have raised again. What is now happening in İmralı can be called political execution.

Ocalan complete cessation of communication with the outside world as a result of that physical execution could bring to follow. These measures will be analyzed in terms of human rights.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association