Deprivation Kurdish political prisoner Ghinghis Ghadam Khairi of medical care

According to reports, the Kurdistan Human Rights Association and the Harana News Agency “Chingiz Ghadam Khairi” was born in 1988 from Kamyaran in East Kurdistan who was arrested in 2011 and was transferred to Sanandaj prison and his family,after a few months , any newst about him and fear of arrest and wounded prisoner were aware of his condition.

He after bearing long 2 years prison to  Masjed Soleyman prison in Ahvaz was exiled.

The prisoner during several trial by the Sanandaj Revolutionary Court presided by Judge Babaei was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

It is worth noting that despite the prison’s doctors confirmed the need for surgery and illness, with the involvement of the Ministry of Information has been denied medical treatment.

It is much speculation that he was seriously injured during the arrest and continued detention despite more than 5 years of shrapnel from his body has not been removed.

A source close to his family, confirmed the news in an exclusive interview with reporter Harana News said the prisoner more than a year ago bail of 350 million tomans sick leave of 15 days was deployed despite the medical records of hospitals located in the city of Dezful because of an accident for the family he happened was not able to perform the surgery and hospital stay.

It also seeks to extend the leave application by the prisoner in the present conditions, prison officials promised him that 40 days will be re-released on furlough from prison, however, more than a year, despite his poor physical condition caused by long lasting infection left thigh area, granting leave to intervene due to these prisoners are taken to prevent Kamyaran Information Administration.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association