One man was injured in mine explosion in Piranshahr

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Friday morning 27 July 2017,in the border region eastern and southern parts of Kurdistan in around Tamrchin Piranshahr one person due to the mine explosion lost his leg.

It is reported that the person is a 20 years old young person engaged in agricultural occupation.

In June this year, the mine explosion around Piranshahr was causing damage to a citizen from Piranshahr.

According to the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran in eastern Kurdistan, there is a risk of a mine explosion in seven hundred six thousand two hundred and fifty acres of eastern Kurdistan.

It should be remembered that, despite the fact that many citizens in eastern Kurdistan have been victims of mines the remains of the Iran-Iraq war,The security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran in many of us in the name of the preservation of national security and prevent the activities of Kurdistan political parties in eastern Kurdistan earlier this summer, it launched a campaign on the eastern and southern border of the Kurdistan the action is mine.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association