Death of a prisoner in Sanandaj Central Prison because of lack of medical attention

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association and quoted from Haraṇa (human rights activist), on Monday 19 June 2017, “Fardin Faramarzi” was imprisoned in a prison in central Sanandaj, east of Kurdistan, charged with drugs Prison was held dead due to lack of medical attention and severe pain in the heart.

The report further stated that the prison had been transferred to the prison twice last night due to severe pain in the heart, but without medical attention, he returned to his ward, and precisely in this connection, this morning, lost his life.

An informed source confirmed the news that the imprisonment of the imprisonment had already been confirmed by a legal doctor, but he remained in the central prison of Sanandaj opposing “Kolivand and Eskandari “.

Fardin Faramarzi was sentenced to 15 years in prison by Tehran Revolutionary Court Branch 2 for drug-related charges.

The report continues to indicate that imprisoned prisoners in the Sanandaj prison have been subjected to maladministration in the prisons, lack of monitoring mechanisms, and the impossibility of appropriate contact with judicial institutions outside the prison that adversely affect their legal rights. .

Kurdistan Human Rights Association