The bombed Turkish army and injuring four people in southern Kurdistan

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Righ Association quoted by the Kurdistan media, the Turkish military said on Friday evening of 28 July a “Pas Agha” valley near the city of Zakho in southern Kurdistan on the pretext of the presence of the Guerrila of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) The attack said four civilians, including two of Zakho’s football players, were injured and transferred to relief centers.

It should be noted that last week Turkish fighters bombed three mountains of Qandil, Choru Jaro and Zap, causing tremendous damage to the pastures and gardens of the region.

Four civilians were killed and wounded in May and April in areas near the city of Amadi in Dohuk province.

It should be noted that the attacks of the Turkish government and army in the north, west (Ruzhava) and southern Kurdistan have had a lot of financial and financial losses, including the bombing of the Shengal Mountains and the Qara-Chukh Mountains in Ruzhava (2017) Which killed 18 JPG members and 5 Peshmerga and wounded 30 others, killing 8 civilians in the Zarga Lee Village in 2015, killing 7 civilians, including 2 children in the direction of the village of Kortk In southern Kurdistan, killing at least 34 people from the village of Robosky in northern Kurdistan in 2011 (2011) by Turkish Army fighter jets cited.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association