The protest citizen Javanrood city the destruction of the ancient hill of Allah Akbar

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association,on Thursday 27 July 2017, in the city of Javanrood, east of Kurdistan, a protest movement was launched by the residents of this city due to the destruction of the hill of Allah Akbar, which is adjacent to the city.

According to the report, the protesting people of Javanrood wanted to stop the project and the construction order of the “Forest Park” located at hill of Allah Akbar, with the possession of leaflets about natural resources and forests addressed to officials and government officials who They must be resolutely attacking the forests with any excuse, such as hotel accommodation, tourist attraction and construction of the seminary, and call on the authorities and government agencies of the Islamic republic to stop such a project.

It should be noted that this land is 44 hectares and is in the vicinity of the city of Javanrood and is one of the natural resources and plays a prominent role in the establishment of ecological and environmental ecosystems, and the hill of Allah Akbar is one of the historical works of this Is a city and has been usurped by certain people and has been gaining a foothold in tourism, but this has not been acceptable to young citizens and has therefore led to protest movements. The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in interfering in the domain of historical monuments, disconnects the sensory and perceptual perception of people by cultural identity and destroys a collective and historic memory.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association