The spillage of East Kurdistan water resources into the regions of Iran

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the Ministry of Power in the Islamic Republic of Iran has decided to transfer the water of the dam to the Hamedan city of East Kurdistan and this plan is being implemented.

According to the report of the operation operations for the transfer of this dam, according to Bodaghi, the deputy director of the development and development of Hamedan Regional Water Authority, Kurdistan Free Dam, is an appropriate substitute for Talvar dam and 63 million cubic meters of water will be transferred to Hamedan. He further added that the 138 km of Talvar transmission line has been run 122 km.

However, according to Ali Mohammad Moradi, representative of Qorveh and Dehgolan on the issue of Kurdistan dam dams, in March of last year he stated that we should reach the average level of 47% of agricultural land, but due to the rich water resources in the east of Kurdistan province According to the officials of the Agricultural Jihad, Kurdistan province is the first province to be cultivating drought in the country, and has a high water level of 47 percent.

It should be noted that East Kurdistan is rich in water resources and has a very good agricultural base with fertile lands, but the Islamic Republic of Iran has expanded its poverty and unemployment in eastern Kurdistan with security policy and plundering of underground resources and by constructing a dam following the current waters of East Kordestan, it has been transferring these dams to other provinces.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association