Onslaught of security forces to support the human chain from Lake Urmia

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Friday, 14 July 2017, a community of civil, environmental and local people was held to protect the attention of authorities and other governmental and non-governmental organizations, both internal and international, Regarding the status of the Urmia Lake of east Kurdistan and the lack of plans and plans for the rescue and rescue of this environmental crisis and this gatherig in the form of a human chain and a statement of recitation organized.

According to a report, security forces have attacked the protest rally and arrested one of the participants in the gathering and moved it to an unknown location.

According to the published sources, the detained activist is Mohammad Hosseinzadeh.

It should be noted that the Urmia lake in the East of Kurdistan is the largest salt lake in the world, despite having the necessary sources of water, but due to lack of a planned plan and the construction of non-standard and non-expert highways on the lake, which makes the cities of Urmia and Tabriz Connects to the lake, which has dried up more than 75 percent of its water in the past 10 years, threatening the risk of drying and salt rain in these areas, and in the aftermath of the crisis, the lives of millions of people The danger comes.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association