The continuation of the repression of the Turkish government and the AKP in northern Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association reports that Turkish MPs were arrested another member of parliament after the arrests of HDP parliamentarians and the crackdown on Kurdish citizens in northern Kurdistan.

In a report published in the report, Dilan Driyt Tashdemir, the city of Amid representative, on the list of the HDP (People’s Democratic People’s Party) in the Turkish parliament and at the same time the spokeswoman for the women’s association at the Istanbul airport by the Turkish police was arrested.

According to the report, the case had been opened for Dilan and , for this reason, was transferred directly from the airport to the BakuKorki court in Istanbul.

It should be noted that after the failed coup in Turkey, the highest pressure and repression by the Turkish police and the AKP forces against the northern cities of Kurdistan and for the prosecution of Kurdish citizens and representatives by the AK court A party has taken place.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association


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