Suicide of a young Kurdish from East Kurdistan, in Kermanshah

According to reports of Kurdistan Human Rights in Association, yesterday 18 May 2017, a young Kurdish named “Sasan Moradi” from Kermanshah of East Kurdistan people committed suicide in garrison Kermanshah and lost his life.

According to reports he has been fatih of Yarsan and under pressure mental from garrison Sarab Niloufar security force training center Kermanshah committed suicide.

Last month, on  13 April, two brothers Ehsan and Mehdi Fozouni (Nadrinia) to protest discrimination against the followers Yarsan of the Islamic Republic of Iran and poverty, unemployment and economic problems they set fire to herself and their lives ended.

It should be noted that religious followers Yarsan in the Iranian constitution as a religious minority not recognized, and worship them (Jam house) by government agencies seized or destroyed and followers of Yari daily with imprisonment, torture and insults by government agencies confronted are.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association