Self immolation 2 women in Divandareh in a week.

According to information received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, two women from the city Divandareh in East Kurdistan, have set themselves on fire and a large part of thier body are burned.

The report states that on Saturday, 13 May 2017, woman, 30, known as “Sh_B” in the village ( Kousehmari ) in Saral Divandarreh due to family disputes self immolation, and as a result 60% of her body burned and because of the severity of injuries was transferred to a hospital in Isfahan.

In a similar incident last night dated 18 May happened, a woman 25 years old with the name “B_M” from the village (Gulanh) functions Divandareh in East Kurdistan, self immolation as a result 20% of her body burned and was transferred for treatment to a hospital in the city of Sanandaj.

The phenomenon of suicide in Kurdistan and especially among women continues to rise and this measure psychological pressures of society on women and gender discrimination. The Islamic Republic of Iran imposed, while the principles and ethics humanitarian and human rights, no difference between the two sexes does not exist and it’s important in the Universal Declaration of human rights states that: in accordance with Articles 1 and 2 declares that all people are free born and legally and equal dignity of all freedoms contained in the Declaration of benefit. Paragraph 15 of the Declaration of Human Rights 1968 International Conference in Tehran, explicitly rejects gender apartheid and states that “discrimination which women are still victims in various regions of the world must be eliminated.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association