29 MPs Europe calls for release of political prisoners and journalists were before the election

According to reports of Kurdistan Human Rights Association and to the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, 29 MPs Europe has published a letter from the Iranian authorities have asked that before the elections, journalists and political prisoners and managers channels Telegram free they were demanding free and fair elections under the supervision of independent observers.

According to the report, in the letter addressed to EU foreign policy chief Europe “Federica Mogherini” written had asked him in a meeting with officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the issue of dialogue and noted that the development of relations between Europe and Iran only to improve human rights and freedoms in Iran would be feasible and successful.

In another part of the letter, from intensified crackdown and arrest of political and civic activists, journalists, filtering and blocking the media, by intelligence, Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Intelligence Ministry discusses as well as the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran asked the protection of the rights of civil society activists and journalists, and also have full access to the Internet and social networks to provide for the people.

As well as 29 MPs Europe have written that we, the undersigned, members of parliament Europe a joint comprehensive plan of action as well as the development of relations between Iran and Europe have supported in ways that ensure the removal of sanctions improvements the people of Iran. The representatives at the end of his letter acknowledged that the rights and improve the situation of people in the country, always has been and is our main concern.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association