Kurdish woman killed in eastern Kurdistan

According to a report from the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, a woman named Somayeh Weisi, 20, and a member of the Gedmiran Oliya village, who was deployed in the city of Dehgolan in eastern Kurdistan, was murdered by her husband, husband’s mother and sister.

Somayeh Weisi has a 15 months old son named Samyar, and this horrific incident occurred on 4 August 2017, last Friday when her husband’s husband’s family was beaten from 11 to 2 afternoon after torture and harassment and harassment of these clothes and bruises. Her body members eventually kill this 20 years old woman.

It is necessary to say that the woman’s life after hanging and hanging and torture, and her appeal to the neighbors who are did not help her finally, ended up with her husband, mother and sister.

In another part of the report, the husband was an infected drug victim and had several disputes before his wife’s death, but Somayeh was not willing to leave her because of her child.


Kurdistan Human Rights Association