Suicide Girl Nahavandi in East Kurdistan

According to reports received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, a girl 19 years old from city of Nahavand in East Kurdistan by hanging herself, had attempted suicide, according to law enforcement, the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is in the countryside Nahavand occurred and caused the death of this girl, while the names of the individual and the reasons for the suicide are not known.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Association statistics, since the beginning of this year (2017) has more than 10 women in the Kurdistan province , 12 women in Kermanshah province , 9 women in Ilam province and 8 women in Orumieh province  have committed suicide.

Many experts suicides due to issues such as poverty, social discrimination and the Family, defeat and despair, family disputes and psychological pressure know that in this regard the proportion of suicides due to poverty by 41%, the greatest cause of suicides are listed.

Obviously this approach and social ills rooted in political and economic instability in the the whole country and particularly in the cities of Kurdistan East

Kurdistan Human Rights Association