The Kurdish Human Rights Situation Report in July 2020

This is KMMK’s monthly report, July 2020, on the human rights situation in eastern Kurdistan. This report summarizes key human rights issues on events during July 2020, including executions, detentions, homocide, torture and suicide. Data is collected from several sources of KMMK, including direct reports.

This report does not include every issue and event. The absence of an issue is due to resource limitations, restriction to access to the country, the availability of information, and silencing independent voices, civil and human rights groups by the Iranian government.

In July 2020 Iranian government continued its disregard for basic human rights by discrimination, illegal detention of Kurdish citizens, torture and closing off any possibility of organized political activities that are not fully aligned with its propaganda.


In July 2020, at least seven people were executed in Iranian prisons.

NameAgeCityAccusationDare of excecuation
Farhad ShokriUnknownSarpol-e ZahabHomicide13.07.2020
Assad KeshawarzUnknownUrimiaHomicide20.07.2020
Amir SafarkeshUnknownUrimiaHomicide20.07.2020
Kamil QaderiUnknownNaqadehHomicide22.07.2020
Ali AbdiUnknownUrimiaHomicide27.07.2020
Amirhosein QahrianUnknownUrimiaHomicide27.07.2020
Morteza PirKhezriUnknownSenneh (Sanandaj)Homicide31.07.2020

Imprisonment and illegal detention:

In July 2020, at least thirty six Kurdish civilians were detained by Iranian security forces. Most of the detainees were arrested without any clear accusation and without court order. It has been reported that some detainees have been beaten and tortured by the security and intelligence forces.

First nameFamily nameAgePlace of detentionDateAccusation
Ali SakeniUnknownSenneh (Sanandaj)02.07.2020Unknown – Poletical reseans
RezaRamazaniUnknownEslamabad-e Gharb07.07.2020Blasphemy
AbubakrAbdi23Shino (Oshnavieh)08.07.2020Unknown
BehruzBayazidi25Shino (Oshnavieh)08.07.2020Unknown
KeyvanShivani26Shino (Oshnavieh)08.07.2020Unknown
FatehMohammadkhaniUnknownCiwanro‎ (Javanrud)08.07.2020Unknown – civil activist
Matin Khuleh16Mahabad12.07.2020Unknown
Osman RahimifardUnknownKamyaran14.07.2020Unknown
Ali ZaraviUnknownPiranshar (Piranshahr)14.07.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
AdelSheikheUnknownPiranshar (Piranshahr)14.07.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
YousefJahanaraUnknownPiranshar (Piranshahr)14.07.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
Osman RustaUnknownSardasht17.07.2020Unknown
DiakoTaraUnknownPiranshar (Piranshahr)17.07.2020Unknown
MoradMoradiUnknownPiranshar (Piranshahr)18.07.2020Unknown
Seyyed KamilAhmadiUnknownSenneh (Sanandaj)18.07.2020Unknown
FattahFrouharUnknownPiranshar (Piranshahr)19.07.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
MojtabaBasatiUnknownKermenshah19.07.2020Unknown – media activist
RezaGhorbaniUnknownPiranshar (Piranshahr)20.07.2020Unknown
KiomarsUnknownTeenagerHewraman (Avroman)21.07.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
HeminAdawaiTeenagerHewraman (Avroman)21.07.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
Khalil HosseiniUnknownKermenshah23.07.2020Protesting against execution
SiyavashRouzkhun23Mahabad26.07.2020Collaborating with Kurdish parties
HadiAzizi20Sarpol-e Zahab28.07.2020Unknown


Kolbar (Kurdish: کۆڵبەر‎) is a worker who is employed to carry goods on his/her back across the borders. Most Kolbars live in eastern Kurdistan and they come from the poorest regions in the area. Kolbars are mostly considered illegal and have no insurance, retirement plans and unions.

In this month several Kolbars have been shot directly by Iranian border forces and Turkish border forces, and as a result ten Kolbers died and fourteen badly wounded.

Died Kolbars:

First nameFamily nameAgePlace of incidentCause of deathDate
AyatYousefiUnknownSalasi Bawajani (Salas-e Babajani)Chased and then shot by Iranian armed forces07.07.2020
ZiadEsbati HeydaranlouUnknownUrmiaDirect shooting by Turkish border forces11.07.2020
EbrahimAbubakriUnknownPiranshar (Piranshahr)Direct shooting by Iranian armed forces11.07.2020
ShamzinAhmadiUnkownSumay-ye BeradustDirect shooting by Iranian armed forces17.07.2020
UnknownUnknownUnknownTete HeightsDirect shooting by Iranian border forces20.07.2020
UnknownUnknownUnknownTete HeightsDirect shooting by Iranian armed forces20.07.2020
VazirMohammadi29NowsudDirect shooting by Iranian armed forces30.07.2020
RezaPouresmailUnknownChaldiran – AmukhanzadDirect shooting by Iranian armed forces31.07.2020
YousefAhmadiUnknownSardasht – MirabadDirect shooting by Iranian armed forces07.07.2020
RasoulBakanUnknownPiranshar (Piranshahr)Direct shooting by Iranian armed forces19.07.2020

Wounded Kolbar:

First nameFamily nameAgePlace of incidentCause of injuryDate
HekmatAhmadiUnknownSumay-ye BeradustDirect shooting by Iranian border forces17.07.2020
RoshanJahangiriUnknownSumay-ye BeradustDirect shooting by Iranian armed forces17.07.2020
RaminBelkhanluUnknownMaku borderDirect shooting by Iranian border forces20.07.2020
MikailKhosraviUnknownHange JaleDirect shooting by Iranian border forces21.07.2020
OmidMohammadiUnknownNowsud regionDirect shooting by Iranian border forces21.07.2020
VeisiHosseinnezhadUnknownChaldiran borderDirect shooting by Iranian border forces21.07.2020
AzadSharifiUnknownHange JaleDirect shooting by Iranian armed forces27.07.2020
SheikhaliHosseiniUnknownHange JaleDirect shooting by Turkish border forces27.07.2020
UnknownUnknownUnknownHange JaleDirect shooting by Iranian border forces27.07.2020
UnknownUnknownUnknownHange JaleDirect shooting by Iranian border forces27.07.2020
UnknownUnknownUnknownHange JaleDirect shooting by Iranian border forces27.07.2020
RebinEsmail17ChomanDirect shooting by Iranian border forces04.07.2020

Suicide and self-immolation:
In July 2020 at least nine individuals committed suicide and self-immolation. At least three of them were teenagers: one fourteen and two sixteen years old.

First nameFamily nameAgePlaceReasonDate
AmirArsalan16Piranshar (Piranshahr)Family problems03.07.2020
FakhradinMahmoudiUnknownPiranshar (Piranshahr)Family problems04.07.2020
AbdulahadBazaraUnknownPiranshar (Piranshahr)Pressures realted to be a political prisoner12.07.2020
FardinGouili42Senneh (Sanandaj)Family problems20.07.2020
Unknown – FemaleUnknown16RavansarUnknown31.07.2020
M.A.21Piranshar (Piranshahr)Unknown31.07.2020
BesnaAhmadi59UrmiaFamily problems01.07.2020

Wounded and killed by landmine explosion:

In July 2020 at least one individual was badly wounded and three individuals died by landmine explosions.

Died civilians by landmine explosion

In July 2020, at least three individuals (Kurdish civilians) were killed.

First nameLast nameAgeLocationDate
Wounded civilians by landmine explosion
First nameFamily nameAgePlaceDamageDate

KMMK encourages Kurdish people in eastern Kurdistan to practice their basic human rights and to report to international institutions and to the world, the discriminations and violations of human rights by Iranian regime.
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