The government of Islamic republic of Iran is responsible for the current outbreak and high mortality rate of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

KMMK considers the authorities of Islamic Republic of Iran accountable for the high mortality rate for patients with Coronavirus. The dangerous outbreak of the COVID-19 was known to the officials in the government of Iran at least three weeks before the election day on 20th of February.

However, they were in denial about the spread and deceived the public.
The Iranian authorities were dismissive of the danger COVID-19 posed to the public and the silence of the officials has had a huge impact on the current outbreak and the high mortality rate of COVID-19. If the Iranian government officials had provided the accurate figures to people and warned the public about the outbreak, from the beginning, there would have been enough time to implement precautionary measures and to have less people infected and therefore less casualties.

It is unfortunate that the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran did refuse to quarantine the city of Qom, the city that the first cases were discovered, and have failed to prevent further transmission of the virus. As a result most areas in Iran and eastern Kurdistan are now infected with COVID-19.
According to numerous reports from eastern Kurdistan and Iran, at least nine hundred civilians have died from COVID-19 and several thousand have been infected. The Iranian government has failed to provide medical equipment and necessary medications to the hospitals that are having difficulties.
KMMK calls on the people of eastern Kurdistan and Iran to stay at their homes for as long as possible and avoid attending work, public areas and public gatherings. KMMK also calls on people to take all the protective measures necessary against COVID-19, advised by WHO, in a coordinate manner.
It should be noted that the advice for public, announced and updated by WHO, are assured measures to end the outbreak of COVID-19. If you see symptoms of COVID-19 in yourself or others, seek medical care, keep distance from people and voluntarily self-isolate yourself to avoid further spread.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association

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