Abdullah Shariati still deprived of treatment

According to reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Association and also according to the Human Rights Harana News Agency, the Kurdish prisonerphysical condition Sunni Kurdistan East in the name of “Abdullah Shariati ” in Karaj Rajai Shahr prison is reported to be deteriorating.

The report states that he is in prison for 6 years, with a variety of illnesses including asthma, spinal disc herniation, ruptured cervical disc and abnormal shortening of the muscles of the left hand and has recently suffered internal bleeding and must surgery a few years ago tonsil glands (thyroid) was and also due to the shortening of the muscles of the left arm and left leg and its impact on the likelihood of paralysis of the left side of the political prisoners there.

Abdullah Shariati Born on: 6 June 1987, in Sanandaj, Kurdistan East, is married and has a 2 years old boy who was arrested on 12 July 2011 in the city of Sanandaj and was sentenced to 10 years in prison and was transferred to spend his sentence in Rajai Shahr prison.

Two brothers named on charges of war (war against God) dated 1 August 2016, were executed, and they also cooperate with the his brothers accused, while Abdullah innocence knows because of “Asemeh Jahangiri” and human rights organizations to who support him.

It should be noted that, according to his cousin, the Ministry of Intelligence in Sanandaj, transferring them out of prison for medical attention to prevent it.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association