International Day of Human Rights/ Continuation of human rights violations in Eastern Kurdistan by the Iranian government

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that all human beings have the right to be free and live-in freedom, regardless of race and colour; there must be sexual freedom, freedom to express their thought, religion. The same proclamation banned slavery and torture.
The Iranian government officially accepted and acknowledged it in 1948, mentioned the deceleration of Human rights. Eventually, in 1975, this declaration was approved by the Iranian parliament, and the government was committed to respecting it. Many years and even decades after that, the Iranian government does not commit to the declaration. Kurdish citizens living in the East of Kurdistan are systematically and continuously deprived of its rights by the Iranian authority.
Since the beginning of 2020, the reports indicated that 38 citizens of East Kurdistan have been executed in Iranian prisons. Since the beginning of the year, 242 political, environmental, religious, cultural, and labour activists have been detained by security forces.
Due to unemployment and lack of job security Kurd are forced to consider very intensive labour work of “Kulbar” piggybacking of heavy boxes such as tires, fridge and so on., there have been 177 cases of their “murdering, wounding, arresting,
Women’s condition is even harder due to the lack of laws to protect them; this results in more than 71 suicide.

The Iranian government’s make its highest effort and power to assimilated the minority ethnics include Kurdish people. In their official media, social network, newspapers, and even regular talk by the governers, we see insults and humiliation of the Kurdish, Baluch, Arab and other nations. The right to education in our mother tongue (Kurdish), the right to participate in governing our region, autonomy, and the right to self-determination are severely violated by the authoritarian system of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
This year, the United Nations once again condemned the Iranian government for gross human rights violations and again extended the UN Special Working Group’s mission in Iran.
The Kurdistan Human Rights Association is a leading institution in defending all members of society in Kurdistan. We commemorate the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and congratulate all activists in this field and all political prisoners and victims of human rights violations and their families. We Call on international human rights organizations and institutions and all democratic countries to put even more pressure as much as possible on the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to respect this declaration. We want to make sure your effort affects the government or positively affects them to be convinced to respect all people’s human rights, following its principles to respect nations, religions, and all individuals and act based on the declaration’s contents.
Kurdistan human rights Association