Fire the chains in zagros forests

According to reports received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association , 6 June 2017 today, parts of the Zagros Mountains in the the cities ” Dareh Shahr ” and “Ivan” was burned in Ilam province.

The report said that due to the dryness of vegetation and the rugged topography, as well as due to the absence of fire and safety equipment for aircraft (helicopters), turn off the fire has been very time consuming.

Also at report said that the efforts of citizens in the area of fire “Ivan” controlled the area, “Sorkh Abad Valley City” Ilam in East Kurdistan still on fire.

In the following is reported the fires in forests and rangelands of “Bazideraz” overlooking the cities of Qasr-e Shirin , Gilan -e  Gharb and Sarpolzahab in Kermanshah Province  also been burned.

It should be noted that the chain fires past for the seventh time in the provinces of East Kurdistan in the new year happens and a lot of citizens in the area of fire broadly expressed and reportedly received the title that the fire was intentional and by Iranian Revolutionary guards or relevant Islamic Republic of Iran on the pretext of the presence of the parties and Kurdish forces, takes place.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association