Deprivation “Ayoub Asadi” leave to fetch the prisoners escaping

According to a report received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, Aypub Asadi political prisoner and exile in Kashmar the disease, asthma, spinal disc herniation, kidney problems and loss of vision in the left eye suffering of sick leave and medical care to prison for six years been deprived.

According to the website Harana, relatives Ayoub Asadi the cause of exclusion  the granting of sick leave Ayoub Asadi during the recent escaping a number of Prisoners in this prison as they leave.

It should be noted that this exile political prisoners, in protest at the lack of attention to the disease and furloughs, and 20 years prison sentence his unfair, 5 June 2016, hunger strike.

After 29 days at the insistence of the family to stop his hunger strike that, in this regard, prison officials also promised him sent to the hospital for medical attention were the other demands such as time off and address the unjust sentence of 20 years in prison, his attention would not.

Job Asadi from Marivan in East Kurdistan, which in 2011 by the Revolutionary Guards Islamic Republic of Iran in a village in  city  “Sanandaj” arrested in August 2012 on charges of waging war through communication and cooperation with one of the Kurdish parties the Revolutionary Court of the Republic Iran in Sanandaj to 20 years in prison and exile, was sentenced to prison Kashmar.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association