Forests and Pastures in East Kurdistan still burned

According to the report Kurdistan Human Rights Association , on Sunday 4 June 2017, completion pasture in the vicinity of forests “Dehlabeh” around “Sarvabad” city of Marivan in East Kurdistan with fire, and damage to pastures this part of Kurdistan into which was attended by popular forces and prevent the spread of the fire is controlled.

It should be noted that this week the several case of this is that the meadows and forests of East Kurdistan fire, and no preventative measures taken by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the responsible authorities, has been made and while reportedly popular factors Iranian Revolutionary guards and the forces of the fire intentional forests and meadows blame and said that these forces under the pretext of the presence of the Kurdish opposition in the region to do so, but not knowing that the loss of animal species and Kurdistan East are environmental problems for citizens.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association