A total of 30 people were executed in 2016 on charges of political and security that 27 of them were Kurds.

According to the Kurdistan Human Rights Associations according to the Iran Human Rights in 2016 than in solar 1395 , at least 530 people were executed, of which 44 people fighting against God and corruption on earth and, 30 of them on charges political and security (27 of the 30 executions by alleged members of the banned Kurdish groups) and three other executions have been Ahwaz Arabs.

The report states that in August 2016 Shahram Ahmadi, Ahmad Nasiri, Edris Nemati, Arash Sharifi Pour, Pourya Mohammadi, Abolrahman Sankani, Nasrolah Moradi, Behrouz Shah Nazari, Bahman Rahimi, Alam Barmashti, Taleb Maleki, Seyed Shaho Ebrahimi, Teymour Nadrizadeh, Farzad Shah Nazari, Kaveh Veisi, Kaveh Sharifi , Farzad Honarjou and 6 others whose names have not been disclosed for cooperating with the Sunni groups (militia) were executed. . According to the official number of detainees were tortured to obtain forced confessions and their death sentences by a Revolutionary Court in trials that lasted less than 15 minutes and without any defense, had been issued without a last meeting with their families. These prisoners were hanged. Iranian authorities executed 20 people have confirmed this.

The report notes that Amiri and 14 other defendants are also charged with spying on charges of armed robbery or other violent acts have been executed.

Judiciary spokesman Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ezhehei, at a press conference announced that Shahram Amiri (nuclear scientist) and his espionage charges on 13 Mordad 1395 as the third of August 2016, was executed.

Father Shahram Amiri Kurdistan Human Rights Association said his son kept ending up in prison and have not been unfair trials. Shahram Amiri was Ilam citizen in East of Kurdistan and researcher at Malek Ashtar University and worked for Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization. Shahram Amiri during a trip to Mekka in 2009, equivalent to 1388 solar disappeared.A month later he appeared in America and returned to Iran in July 2010 against  1389 and Him as a hero who captured the Americans abandoned in Tehran were welcomed and even Deputy Foreign Minister also at the airport to welcome him and this comes after Shahram Amiri’s arrest and said his family 10 years in prison was. Although the Iranian authorities after his execution sentence of 10 years in prison and eventually denied the Iranian authorities on August 7, confirmed her death sentence. On 9 August 2016, Mohammad Abdullahi, a political prisoner was executed on charges of waging war. According to reports, Mohammad Abdollahi was not involved in any armed action and violence. And no confessions in this case not only because of the support of a Kurdish opposition group, was accused of waging war. Mohammad Abdollahi, 35 years old, sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court in Mahabad and his death sentence was upheld by the Supreme Court and after death his body has not been delivered to his family.

It should be noted that in 2015, according to Amnesty International 997 people were executed in the prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran which 393 (47%) of them were Kurdish citizens.

Kurdistan Human Rights Associations.