Female suicide Marivani in East Kurdistan

According to a report by Kurdistan Human Rights Association on Sunday 4 June 2017, a 24 years old woman abbreviated (H , Q ) hanging by emergency personnel to the hospital and then was transferred to the Fajr hospital in Marivan, in the report indicated that the person has lost her life.

It should be noted that, according to Kurdistan Human Rights Association the first year so far more than 10 women in Kurdistan province ,12 women in in Kermanshah province, 9 women in Ilam province and 8 women have committed suicide in the province of Orumieh.

According to Statistics Statistical Center of Iran in the political geography of Iran, statistics suicides 6 per hundred thousand people in Ilam province, with 26 per hundred thousand people and Kermanshah province with 23 per hundred thousand people, ranking first and second in the their political geography. In 2015, three thousand suicide (64 percent men and 36 percent women) occurred in Iran the number one percent of all mortalities.

Many experts motives of suicide were related to issues of poverty, discrimination, social and family breakdown and despair, honor, family disputes, education and marriage, mental illness, stress and psychological stress, loneliness, love and desire emotional cravings and addiction to narcotics and hallucinogens in the among of poverty, with 41 percent of the highest suicide motives for suicide are listed.

Obviously, this approach has its roots in political instability and economic and social anomalies in the whole country and especially in the cities of East Kurdistan officials from the Islamic government of Iran.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association