Iran Islamic Republic security forces maneuver to create fear among the people.

According to information received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association, the maneuver streets in the Islamic Republic security called the Brigades Jerusalem and Kosar in the city of Kordkoy protests to be displayed and called opponents of the rioters and the signs and symptoms were carrying that contain mainly slogans union and workers.

According to the approach of Labor Day and Week teacher, it seems that these maneuvers in connection with Events may be held to deal with workers and trade unionist. Another important issue is the use of teenagers in this maneuver.

The maneuvers took place over two days in the city Kordkoy and the battalion obtaining necessary education and training behind him, confronted with street riots.

It should be noted that Islamic Republic of Iran instead of investing in order to improve work conditions and improve citizenship status, just try in training to suppress the people, while the government’s duty help solve problems and to invest in improving the situation.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association