Fires section (Sorkhgir) city of Ivan Gharb in East Kurdistan

In the wake of reports received by  Kurdistan Human Rights Association, on Saturday 3 June 2017, a large section of forest area “Sorkhgir” of city functions Ivan Gharb and are looking to expand in East Kurdistan burned vast areas of forest fires burned and the fire has now not been harnessed.

It is noteworthy that many other defenders of the environment and area residents attempt to contain the fire have done, but because of lack of facilities and the technology to harness fire and also because of the wind, a fire in a large part of the forest the area has been developed.

Residents of the area are trying to communicate with the authorities just to be able to contain the fire get help, but these efforts have been unsuccessful.

It is noteworthy that, every year with the onset of warm season, in the manner of suspicious lush green forests in East Kurdistan and in different areas with a high level of fire and no authorities take the necessary measures are required to curb the fire does not function.

It is noteworthy that many times every year forest “Kabir Kuh” functions valley city and regional prosperity city of Ilam and border areas Kermanshah and Sanandaj, burned and rather far to think that because none of the organizations responsible for fire fighting Islamic Republic of Iran , measures to contain the fire these interactions do not.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association