Meraj Mortezaei and Hiva Azizpour were both sentenced to 17 months in prison

Monday, March 16, 2021, “Meraj Mortezaei” and “Hiva Azizpour” were sentenced to total of 17 months in prison by I.R.Iran’s Revolution Court in Marivan.
Meraj Mortezaei 35 years old son of saber arrested in August and Hiva Azizpour resident of sarvabad arrested in September of this year by security forces and were later released on bail.
The sentence was announced to these two man on Monday, March 16th.
According to a report received, the Islamic Revolution Court of Iran sentenced Meraj Mortezaei to 1 year in prison and Hiva Azizpour to 5 months in prison on charges of collaborating with an opposition Kurdish party.
Meraj Mortezaei was arrested in August of this year after being summoned to the Intelligence Office, and on September 28, after completing the interrogation process, he was temporarily released on bail until the end of the trial.
Hiva Azizpour was also arrested by security forces on September 10, and was released on bail 2 months later.

Kurdistan Human Rights Association